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    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera, 5.3MP, 1" CMOS, Mono/Color

    USB 3.0 area scan industrial camera with 2592x2048 (5.3Mega Pixel) and 60 fps is available for Mono or Color according to your requirement, and it has 1 inch format, CMOS, global shutter and works with high image quality and stability in complex environment.
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    This USB 3.0 CMOS industrial camera, area scan camera, distinguishes itself by high reliability and high cost-performance, with 2592x2048 (5.3MP) and 60fps. The camera can work stably in a variety harsh environments. And it is really suitable for 3D scanning, motion capture, trajectory analysis and other fields.


    • Support GenICam ™ and USB3 Vision® Standard
    • Compact design, to save installation space
    • Rugged industrial housing design
    • Built-in temperature, power supply real-time monitoring sensor
    • Provide professional SDK for GigE machine vision camera


    Model 5000-60um 5000-60uc
    Resolution 2592x2048 (5.3 Mega Pixel)
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Model PYTHON 5000
    Format 1"
    Pixel Size 4.8μm x 4.8μm
    Maximum Frame Rate 60fps
    Bit Depth 8-bit or 10-bit
    Mono/Color Monochrome Color
    Exposure Time 16μs~1s
    SNR >38dB
    Dynamic Range 60dB
    Shutter Type Global Shutter
    Interface USB 3.0
    Lens Mount Standard C-Mount
    Power Supply USB
    Power Comsumption 3.5W
    Hardware Control I/O input (external trigger), I/O output, Opto-couplers Isolation
    Programmable Control Image Resolution, RGB gain, Exposure Time, Contrast, Gamma Chart, Image Rollover, Raw, LUT, Black Level Correction
    Opearting System Support Windows XP/7/8/10
    Support 32-bit and 64-bit operating system/Arm/Linux (Software can be provided for free)
    Operating Tempearture -30~+60℃
    Storage Temperature -30℃~+80℃
    Mass 60g
    Dimension 29x29x29mm

    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera Dimensions

    USB 3.0 Industrial Camera Dimensions

    Tips: Advantages and Disadvantages of Data Output Interface of Industrial Camera

    1. USB 2.0 Interface
    The industrial camera with a USB2.0 interface is the most common type at present. All computers are configured with a USB2.0 interface, so it’s convenient to connect without requiring a grabber. But, its transmission rate is slow, that is, the theoretical velocity is only 480Mb (60MB). Due to the bad protocol (Bulk-Only Transport (BOT) protocol) and encoding method, the data transmission rate is only 30MB/S. The industrial camera with a USB interface doesn’t have the sturdy screw, so there may be danger of loosening when using on regular moving equipment.

    2. USB 3.0 Interface
    The design of USB 3.0 adds two sets of data buses on the basis of USB 2. To ensure downwards compatibility, USB 3.0 keeps a set of transmission bus of USB 2.0. On the transport protocol, USB 3.0 also adds the USB Attached SCSI Protocol (USAP) apart from the traditional BOT protocol, which gives full play to the high bandwidth advantage of 5Gbps.

    3. GigE Interface
    The industrial camera with a GigE interface is widely used. Generally speaking, it can work normally when it is connected to Gigabit Ethernet card. However, some special details shall be noted. For example, the early NI software may have some requirements for the chip of the Gigabit network card, an INTEL chip may be required to drive the GIGE camera normally, if a network card with Realtek chip is used, there may be no response. Moreover, among the properties of a Gigabit Ethernet card, there are also giant frames similar to the Packet Size in 1394. If this parameter is well set, a better effect may be achieved.

    4. Camera Link
    The camera with a Camera Link is rarely applied; however, its transmission speed is the fastest type of bus in the current industrial camera.

    1. Industrial Camera PDF Catalogue

    GigE Vision Industrial Camera Catalog.pdf

    USB Industrial Camera Catalog.pdf

    2. Industrial Lens PDF Catalogue

    Industrial Camera Lens Catalog.pdf

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