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    Wall Mounted Digital Infrared Thermometer

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    Wall mounted digital thermometer with led display, high accuracy ± 0.2 degrees, work in temperature 10°C~40°C and measuring distance reach to 1cm~10cm. Infrared thermometer with abnormal automatic alarm supports voice broadcast (customizable voice) and can use in outdoor sunlight. digital infrared thermometer with optional temperature measurement mode and unit, come with laser sensor and 180°rotatable probe. Energy saving and easy to install. Usually apply in company, factory, dining room, shopping mall.
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    Wall mounted digital infrared thermometer with 180°rotatable probe and led display. Work in 10°C~40°C, equipped with abnormal automatic alarm and supports voice broadcast. Non-contact thermometer easy to use.


    Accuracy ±0.2 degrees (30~43°C, put it at the working temperature for 30 minutes before use)
    Abnormal automatic alarm Flashing + "Di Di" sound
    Automatic measurement Measuring distance 1cm~10cm
    Use in outdoor sunlight Support
    Screen LED display
    Voice broadcast Support
    Charging method USB charging or battery (18650 Li-ion) or 3*AA
    Installation method Magnet, bracket fixed
    Ambient temperature 10°C~40°C (15°C~35°C recommended)
    Infrared measurement range 0~60°C
    Response time < 0.4s
    Can be rotated 180°
    Size 120*33*90mm
    Standby About one week
    Distance factor 5-15 (ε)
    Suitable Human body thermometer
    Powered by USB data cable, 18650 rechargeable battery (optional), AAA dry battery (optional)
    Voice broadcast Support



    1. Infrared thermometer can auto-sensing fast measurement and adopt laser sensor to realize.
    2. Non-contact thermometer with led large screen display, energy saving and environmental protection, clear reading.
    3. The probe of digital infrared thermometer can be rotated 180° to adapt to different usage scenarios, support multi-country and multi-language voice broadcast, which can be customizable.
    4. One key to witch temperature measurement mode and temperature unit, convenient and fast 60 sets of data memory function.
    5. Best infrared thermometer can view past temperature measurement data, flexible installation methods, applicable to various usage scenarios.
    6. Infrared laser thermometer can be bracket installation and magnetic adsorption installation.
    7. Wall mounted thermometer is suitable for the entrance of various public places, guarding safety, convenient and fast.
    8. Operation temperature 10°C~40°C (recommended 15°C~35°C).
    9. Infrared laser thermometer support USB charging or battery.



    Wall mounted thermometer option function

    Wall mounted thermometer data memory

     Wall mounted thermometer voice function


    Wall mounted thermometer structure


    Wall mounted thermometer structure

    1. Measurement indicator light 10. Open key
    2. Automatic sensor probe 11. Bracket hole
    3. laser sensors 12. USB charging
    4. Surface/body mode switching 13. Temperature reading
    5. Memory group and alarm setting 14. LED indicators
    6. Unit/language switching 15. Degrees Fahrenheit/°F
    7. Speakers 16. Celsius/°C
    8. Probe 17. Low battery indicator
    9. Battery cover 18. Charging indicator light


    Tips: What is Infrared thermometer working principle?

    1. The infrared thermometer is composed of optical system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display output and other parts.
    2. The optical system gathers the target infrared radiation energy in its field of view, and the size of the field of view is determined by the optical parts of the thermometer and its position. Infrared energy is focused on a photodetector and converted into a corresponding electrical signal.
    3. The signal passes through the amplifier and signal processing circuit, and is converted into the temperature value of the measured target after being corrected according to the algorithm of the internal treatment of the instrument and the emissivity of the target.
    4. In addition, the environmental conditions of the target and the thermometer should also be considered, such as the influence of factors such as temperature, atmosphere, pollution and interference on the performance indicators and the correction method.
    Existing reviews of Wall Mounted Digital Infrared Thermometer
    Good wall mounted thermometer
    I purchased this infrared thermometer a month ago. The wall mounted thermometer works as intendeds, accurate temperature measure and easy to take. You can see the value clearly on the display. It has been working great so far and no complaints yet. Easy to install pretty much wherever you need it.
    From: kolt | Date: 17/03/2023
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