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    Wireless Pressure Sensor for Air/Water/Oil

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    Economical price wireless pressure sensor adopts LoRaWan or NB-loT communication mode to realize the wireless transmission of field monitoring data to the cloud, measure range from 1~40MPa, powered by 3.6VDC battery, used for measuring air, water, oil and hydraulic in non-explosion proof area.
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    ATO wireless pressure sensor is equipped with an ultra-low-power microprocessor and a high-precision sensor signal conditioning circuit. The measurement data can be obtained by logging in to the relevant website through the Internet PC or mobile terminal, and the collected data can be counted and analyzed to form reports and reports. The data curve is intuitive, accurate and efficient.


    • Gas fire extinguishers, water-based fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers
    • High pressure gas cylinder
    • Industrial process detection and control
    • Pumping stations and water treatment systems
    • Automated inspection system
    • Unattended and dangerous areas


    Model ATO-BRW100-1102
    Weight 0.35kg
    Measuring range (Optional) 1~40MPa
    Measure medium Air, water, oil (non-explosion proof area)
    Power supply 3.6VDC battery
    Thread of pressure connection (Optional) M20*1.5, G1/4
    Communication mode (Optional) NB-loT LoRaWan
    Communication protocol COAP LoRaWan
    Band limits 800MHz/ 900MHz/ 1800MHz 470MHz/ 868MHz
    Quiescent current ≤10uA ≤5uA
    Battery life 3 years (1 time/day) 5 years (1 time/day)
    Battery capacity 1500mAh
    Accuracy ±1%FS. ±1°
    Impact (11ms) 100g
    Breakdown pressure 500%FS
    Overload pressure 300%FS
    Sampling frequency 10~3600s
    Operating temperature -20~+80℃
    Compensation temperature -10~+70℃
    Material Engineering plastic + 304 stainless steel
    Protection class IP67

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of wireless pressure sensor

    Tips: Wireless pressure sensor working principle

    Wireless pressure sensors are the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice, which are used in hydrological monitoring and control systems, petrochemical, environmental protection, water pipe network monitoring, reservoir level monitoring, power station operation inspection, locomotive braking systems, industrial process detection and control, laboratory liquid level calibration, etc.

    The wireless pressure sensor adopts the piezoresistive strain principle. Its core component, the resistance strain gauge, is a sensitive device that converts the strain change on the measured object into an electrical signal. It is one of the main components of the sensor. The most widely used resistance strain gauges are metal resistance strain gauges and semiconductor strain gauges. There are two types of metal resistance strain gauges: filamentary strain gauges and metal foil strain gauges. Usually, the strain gauge is tightly bonded to the matrix that generates mechanical strain through a special adhesive. When the stress of the matrix changes, the resistance strain gauge is also deformed together, so that the resistance value of the strain gauge changes, so that the voltage applied to the resistor changes. The resistance change of this kind of strain gauge is usually small when it is stressed. Generally, this kind of strain gauge constitutes a strain bridge, so that the change of impedance is converted into a digital signal.

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    Works really well
    Amazing product, Easy to install and connects quickly with accurate reading so far.
    From: marina | Date: 03/12/2023
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