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    0.6-10mm Plastic Feeler Gauge

    High-performance stainless steel feeler gauge with a 0.6-10mm measuring range, division value of 0.05mm, and a blade length of 150mm. The feeler gauge with a metric and imperial double marking which is suitable for different needs.
    SKU: ATO-FG-0610
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    Cost-effective gap gauge with 0.6-10mm measuring range, stainless steel feeler gauge with laser technology etched out the size of the number, in light at a glance its specifications, easy to identify.


    • Model: ATO-KS10DS
    • Measuring Range: 0.6-10mm
    • Division value: 0.05mm
    • Blade Length: 150mm
    • Material: Plastic
    • Weight: 500g


    0.6-10mm plastic feeler gauge dimension


    Feeler gauge application

    Tips: What are the functions of a feeler gauge?

    1. The function of the feeler gauge is to measure the gap distance;
    2. The feeler gauge is a measuring tool, mainly used for measuring the gap distance, and it is a gauge composed of a group of thin steel sheets with different thickness differences. In addition to metric, there are also imperial feeler gauges;
    3. Feeler gauge, also known as micrometer or thickness gauge, is one of the measuring instruments used to check the gap. The cross-section is a right triangle, and there is a scale on the hypotenuse. Use the acute angle sine to directly express the length of the short side on the hypotenuse. In this way, the size of the seam can be read directly.
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