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    1-15mm Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge

    Good price feeler gauge online for sale with a 1-15mm measuring range, division value of 0.05mm, and a blade length of 150mm. The stainless steel feeler gauge can measure tappet clearances, spark plug gaps, bearing clearances, piston ring gaps, and more.
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    High-quality stainless steel feeler gauge for sale with a 1-15 wide measuring range, which is made of high-quality steel. The gap gauge was born for precise gap measurement, durable, and easy to operate.


    • Model: ATO-K10D
    • Measuring Range: 1-15mm
    • Division value: 0.05mm
    • Blade Length: 150mm
    • Material: 304 stainless steel
    • Weight: 500g


    1-15mm feeler gauge dimension


    Feeler gauge application

    Tips: How to maintain a feeler gauge?

    1. It is not allowed to bend the feeler gauge sharply during the measurement process or insert the feeler gauge into the detected gap with a large force, otherwise, the measurement surface of the feeler gauge or the accuracy of the part surface will be damaged.
    2. After using the gap gauge, the feeler gauge should be wiped clean and coated with a thin layer of industrial vaseline, then fold the feeler gauge back into the clamping frame to prevent corrosion, bending, deformation and damage.
    3. When storing the feeler gauge, do not put the feeler gauge under heavy objects, so as not to damage the feeler gauge.
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