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    1-1/2 Ton Lever Chain Hoist

    Industrial lever chain hoist comes with 1 lifting chain, 1-1/2 Ton (3000 lbs) load capacity, lifting height 1.5m/ 3m/ 6m available, experimental load 1.5 Ton, max. hand pulling force 315N. This lever chain block is provided at factory price, which is a manual lifting device used to lift and lower heavy loads.
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    Lever chain hoist, known as ratchet lever hoist, is a manual lifting device used to hoist and lower heavy loads. It consists of a chain that is wrapped around a lifting wheel or drum. ATO lever chain block is widely used in construction site, factory workshop and power engineering.


    • Model: ATO-LEVER-15T
    • Capacity: 1-1/2 Ton (3000 lbs)
    • Lifting Height: 1.5m/ 3m/ 6m
    • Experimental Load: 1.5 Ton
    • Minimum Distance between Two Hooks: 315mm
    • Maximum Hand Pulling Force: 315N
    • Lifting Chain: 1
    • Lifting Chain Diameter: 8mm
    • Net Weight: 11kg


    Lever chain hoist details


    Lever chain hoist application

    Tips: How to use lever chain hoist?

    A lever chain hoist, also known as a lever hoist or come-along, is a manual lifting device commonly used for lifting and pulling heavy loads. So how to use it?

    1. Inspect the hoist: Before use, check the hoist for any visible damage, such as bent hooks or chains. Ensure that it is properly lubricated and in good working condition.
    2. Select a suitable anchor point: Choose a sturdy anchor point capable of supporting the weight of the load and the hoist itself. Verify that the anchor point is secure and can withstand the force exerted during lifting or pulling.
    3. Attach the hoist: Attach the hoist's hooks securely to both the load and the anchor point. Ensure that the hooks are fully engaged and that the load is properly balanced.
    4. Operate the lever: Using the lever, begin pumping or pulling motions to raise or lower the load. Pushing the lever down will raise the load, while pulling it up will lower it. Use slow and controlled movements to maintain safety.
    5. Lock the hoist: Once the load is at the desired height, engage the hoist's locking mechanism to prevent accidental lowering. This will help ensure the load remains securely suspended.
    6. Release the tension: When you are ready to lower the load, slowly release the tension by disengaging the locking mechanism and gradually lowering the lever. Ensure that there are no obstructions or personnel beneath the load.
    7. Store the hoist: After use, store the lever chain hoist in a clean, dry, and secure location. Properly coil the chain and secure any loose components to prevent damage and ensure its longevity.
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