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    6 Ton Lever Chain Hoist

    Economical price lever chain hoist is a manual lifting device used to lift and lower heavy loads. Industrial lever chain block comes with 2 lifting chain, 6 Ton (12000 lbs) load capacity, optional lifting height 1.5m/ 3m/ 6m, experimental load 6 Ton, max. hand pulling force 380N, best for lifting and hoisting operations.
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    Heavy duty ratchet lever hoist is a manual lifting device used to hoist and lower heavy loads. It consists of a chain that is wrapped around a lifting wheel or drum. Industrial lever chain block is widely used in construction site, factory workshop and power engineering.


    • Model: ATO-LEVER-6T
    • Capacity: 6 Ton (12000 lbs)
    • Lifting Height: 1.5m/ 3m/ 6m
    • Experimental Load: 6 Ton
    • Minimum Distance between Two Hooks: 380mm
    • Maximum Hand Pulling Force: 380N
    • Lifting Chain: 2
    • Lifting Chain Diameter: 10mm
    • Net Weight: 30kg


    Lever chain hoist details


    Lever chain hoist application

    Tips: Can you use a lever chain hoist upside down?

    Yes, a lever chain hoist can generally be used upside down, although it may depend on the specific design and manufacturer instructions. A lever chain hoist, also known as a ratchet lever hoist or come-along, is a manual lifting device that utilizes a lever and chain to lift and lower heavy loads. It is commonly used in various industries and applications.

    The hoist typically consists of a lever handle, a chain, and a lifting hook. The lever handle is used to operate the hoist by pulling or pushing it to engage the ratcheting mechanism, which allows the load to be lifted incrementally. The chain is connected to the load through the lifting hook, and as the lever handle is operated, the chain is pulled through the hoist, lifting the load.

    When using a lever chain hoist upside down, the key consideration is the direction in which the chain is pulled. The chain should be pulled in a way that allows the hoist to engage and operate properly. The lever handle should still be able to move freely and engage the ratcheting mechanism effectively, allowing you to lift or lower the load.

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