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    1 Ton Lever Chain Hoist

    Factory price lever chain hoist comes with 1 lifting chain, 1 Ton (2000 lbs) load capacity, lifting height 1.5m/ 3m/ 6m available, experimental load 1.5 Ton, max. hand pulling force 285N. This lever chain block is a hand lifting device used to hoist and lower heavy loads.
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    Lever chain hoist, known as ratchet lever hoist, is a manual lifting device used to hoist and lower heavy loads. It consists of a chain that is wrapped around a lifting wheel or drum. ATO lever chain block is widely used in construction site, factory workshop and power engineering.


    • Model: ATO-LEVER-1T
    • Capacity: 1 Ton (2000 lbs)
    • Lifting Height: 1.5m/ 3m/ 6m
    • Experimental Load: 1.5 Ton
    • Minimum Distance between Two Hooks: 285mm
    • Maximum Hand Pulling Force: 285N
    • Lifting Chain: 1
    • Lifting Chain Diameter: 6mm
    • Net Weight: 7kg


    Lever chain hoist details


    Lever chain hoist application

    Tips: Lever chain hoist application

    Lever chain hoists are versatile lifting devices commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. They provide a mechanical advantage to lift heavy loads and are operated by pulling or pushing a lever. Here are some common applications of lever chain hoists:

    • Construction and Building Maintenance: Lever chain hoists are frequently used in construction sites and building maintenance tasks. They are used to lift and position heavy materials, such as steel beams, pipes, or construction equipment.
    • Warehousing and Logistics: Lever chain blocks are indispensable in warehouses and logistics operations. They enable workers to lift and move heavy pallets, machinery, and equipment, making it easier to load and unload trucks or reposition items within a warehouse.
    • Manufacturing and Production: Lever chain hoists are widely used in manufacturing facilities for lifting heavy machinery, assembling large components, and transporting materials along production lines. They are particularly useful in industries like automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment manufacturing.
    • Rigging and Entertainment Industry: In the entertainment industry, lever chain hoists are commonly used for rigging purposes. They assist in suspending and positioning lighting equipment, sound systems, stage props, and even lifting performers during live events or theater productions.
    • Mining and Extraction: Lever chain hoists find applications in mining and extraction operations. They are utilized for lifting and moving heavy loads, such as extracting equipment, drilling machinery, and transporting materials in mines or quarries.
    • Agriculture and Farming: Lever chain hoists play a role in the agricultural sector, where they help lift and transport heavy equipment, animal feed, and other farm-related materials. They are also useful for tasks like lifting and positioning irrigation systems or repairing farm machinery.
    • Maintenance and Repair: Lever chain hoists are valuable tools for maintenance and repair work. They assist technicians in lifting and replacing heavy components, repairing infrastructure, and performing maintenance tasks on large equipment, such as HVAC systems or overhead cranes.
    • Emergency and Rescue Operations: Lever chain hoists can be employed in emergency situations and rescue operations. They can assist in lifting heavy objects, creating makeshift pulley systems, or facilitating the extraction of individuals trapped under debris.
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