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    1/2" Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

    1/2" hydraulic flow control valve is a throttle valve that uses high-precision pilot mode to control the flow. One way flow control valve, thread connection, suitable for the pipeline that needs to control the flow and pressure of the oil distribution pipe.
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    1/2" throttle valve for sale online. Low price hydraulic flow control valve with a thread connection, can regulate the flow of fluid in a hydraulic system, widely used in hydraulic systems to control the speed and flow of fluid.


    Model ATO-KC-04
    Product Type Throttle Valve
    Drive Mode Hydraulic
    Application Hydraulic Press
    Applicable Medium Hydraulic Oil
    Connection Method Thread
    Proper Temperature 80°C
    Maximum Pressure 250kg
    Flow Direction One Way
    Highest Form Liquid
    Stressful Environment High Pressure
    Product Material Cast Iron
    Channel Position Direct Type


    • Please keep the oil clean.
    • The (one-way) throttle valve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient adjustment, and low price, but because there is no pressure compensation, the flow stability is poor, and it is suitable for occasions where the load changes little or the speed control accuracy is not high.
    • Throttle valve should not be opened too small during use, otherwise, it is easy to block and cause the actuator to crawl.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

     Hydraulic flow control valve dimension

    Model PT A B C L Flow  Weight
    ATO-KC-04 1/2" 44 32 10 81 30 0.49kg


     Hydraulic flow control valve applications

    Tips: What can hydraulic flow control valves do?

    • Flow Regulation: Hydraulic flow control valves allow precise control over the flow rate of hydraulic fluid. They can adjust the flow to a specific rate or limit the flow within a desired range. This is crucial for controlling the speed, force, or movement of hydraulic actuators, such as cylinders or motors.
    • Flow Direction Control: Some hydraulic flow control valves, such as directional control valves, not only regulate the flow rate but also control the direction of fluid flow. By adjusting the valve's position or actuation, the flow can be directed to different hydraulic actuators, enabling desired movements and control of hydraulic machinery.
    • Pressure Compensation: Certain hydraulic flow control valves are designed to provide pressure compensation. They automatically adjust the valve opening to maintain a consistent flow rate despite changes in system pressure. This ensures a consistent flow even when the load or pressure conditions fluctuate.
    • Load Control: Hydraulic flow control valves can be used for load control applications. By controlling the flow rate to a hydraulic actuator based on the load conditions, these valves can ensure smooth and precise operation of hydraulic machinery, preventing excessive loads and optimizing performance.
    • Sequencing: Hydraulic flow control valves can be utilized for sequential operations, where the flow to multiple actuators or hydraulic circuits needs to be regulated in a specific order or sequence. By controlling the flow rate to different actuators, these valves enable precise sequencing of hydraulic operations.
    • Remote Control: Some hydraulic flow control valves are equipped with remote control capabilities. This allows operators to control the flow rate from a remote location, making it suitable for applications where manual adjustment at the valve itself is impractical or inconvenient.
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