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    3/8" Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

    Get a 3/8” flow control valve in hydraulic system. With a thread connection, simple structure, and easy adjustment, one way throttle valve is widely used in industrial machinery, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, aerospace, automotive engineering, etc.
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    3/8" hydraulic flow control valve is a throttle valve that uses high-precision pilot mode to control the flow. One way hydraulic throttle valve, thread connection, ideal for the pipeline that needs to control the flow and pressure of the oil distribution pipe.


    Model ATO-KC-03
    Product Type Throttle Valve
    Drive Mode Hydraulic
    Application Hydraulic Press
    Applicable Medium Hydraulic Oil
    Connection Method Thread
    Proper Temperature 80°C
    Maximum Pressure 250kg
    Flow Direction One Way
    Highest Form Liquid
    Stressful Environment High Pressure
    Product Material Cast Iron
    Channel Position Direct Type


    • Please keep the oil clean.
    • The (one-way) throttle valve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient adjustment, and low price, but because there is no pressure compensation, the flow stability is poor, and it is suitable for occasions where the load changes little or the speed control accuracy is not high.
    • Throttle valve should not be opened too small during use, otherwise, it is easy to block and cause the actuator to crawl.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

     Hydraulic flow control valve dimension

    Model PT A B C L Flow  Weight
    ATO-KC-03 3/8" 38 24 7 70 20 0.24kg


     Hydraulic flow control valve applications

    Tips: Why do we need a flow control valve?

    • Regulation of Flow Rate: Flow control valves allow precise control over the flow rate of fluids or gases. They enable the adjustment and regulation of flow to a desired rate or within a specific range. This is crucial for controlling the speed, force, or movement of actuators, optimizing performance, and achieving desired process outcomes.
    • System Protection: Flow control valves help protect the system and its components from excessive flow rates. By limiting the flow within a safe and specified range, they prevent damage, overloading, or failure of downstream equipment. They ensure that the flow rate remains within the system's design parameters, avoiding potential hazards and improving overall system reliability.
    • Energy Conservation: Flow control valves allow for energy conservation by regulating the flow rate according to system requirements. By adjusting the flow to match the demands of the system, excessive energy consumption can be avoided. This is particularly important in applications where precise control is necessary, as it helps optimize energy usage and reduces operating costs.
    • Process Control: In industrial processes, maintaining consistent and controlled flow rates is often critical for achieving desired product quality and process efficiency. Flow control valves enable precise control over flow, ensuring that the process variables are within the desired parameters. They contribute to stable process control, accurate dosing, and improved product consistency.
    • Distribution and Balancing: In systems with multiple branches or outlets, flow control valves help distribute and balance the flow rates between different paths. By adjusting the flow to each branch, flow control valves can ensure equal flow distribution, prevent pressure imbalances, and optimize system performance.
    • Safety and Operational Control: Flow control valves play a role in maintaining safe and controlled operation of systems. By regulating flow rates, they help prevent system overpressure, cavitation, or other undesirable conditions that could compromise safety or operational integrity.
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