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    G1" Pneumatic Shuttle Valve

    Shop low price pneumatic shuttle valve online, with G1 inch thread port, effective sectional area 190mm2. This pneumatic shuttle valve is a crucial component in pneumatic systems, designed to control the direction of airflow. Its compact design and reliable performance make the pneumatic shuttle valve an essential element for achieving precise and efficient control in pneumatic systems.
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    Pneumatic shuttle valve is a type of valve used in pneumatic systems to control the direction of airflow. It is designed to allow the passage of compressed air from one inlet to one of two outlets. The key feature of this shuttle valve is its ability to switch between two output ports based on the pressure applied to its input ports.


    • Model: ATO-ST-08
    • Working Medium: Air
    • Effective Sectional Area: 190mm2
    • Joint Pipe Port: G1 inch
    • Working Pressure Range: 0~0.8MPa
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0~60℃

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Pneumatic shuttle valve dimension

    Model A B C D E F G
    ATO-ST-08 110 72 40 7 70 58 G1"

    Tips: What is a pneumatic shuttle valve?

    A pneumatic shuttle valve is a crucial component in pneumatic systems, serving as a directional control device for regulating the flow of compressed air. This valve features multiple ports and a movable shuttle or spool that can shift between different positions. It enables the redirection of airflow from one inlet to two separate outlets or vice versa. When pressure is applied to one side of the shuttle, it shifts to connect one inlet with a specific outlet, blocking the other. This functionality allows for versatile control of pneumatic circuits, facilitating the design of complex systems where precise sequencing and directional changes are required. Pneumatic shuttle valves find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, automation, and robotics, where they contribute to efficient and reliable pneumatic control processes.

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