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    10μF 35V Tantalum Capacitor

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    10μF 35V tantalum capacitor at affordable price for sale. 10μF tantalum capacitor is a subtype of electrolytic capacitor. 1 mm 10μF 35V tantalum capacitor is suitable for a variety of applications, such as printer electric bicyle and mobile phone.
    SKU: ATO-TC-10UF35V
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    10μF 35V tantalum capacitor matches with DIP and SMD two types of Encapsulation type. Tantalum capacitor applies in mobile phone, printer and electric tool.


    • Small volume and small capacity error
    • Wide temperature range, high temperature resistance
    • Long life, high insulation resistance, small leakage current
    • Equivalent series resistance (ESR) has good high frequency performance


    Model ATO-TC-10UF35V
    Nominal Capacity 10μF, 35V
    Type DIP SMD
    Equivalent Series Resistance 1
    Net Size 1 mm
    Tolerance 10%
    Height Mounting (Maximum) 1 mm
    Leading Spacing 2.54 mm Leadless
    Working Temperature -40 ℃— +125 ℃ -85 ℃— +125 ℃

    DIP Tantalum Capacitor Dimension: (Unit: mm)

    DIP tantalum capacitor dimension

    SMD Tantalum Capacitor Dimension: (Unit: mm)

    D: L= 7.3, S= 1.3, W1= 4.3, W2= 2.4, H= 2.8

    SMD tantalum capacitor dimension

    Tips: What is SMD Tantalum Capacitor?

    Surface mount tantalum capacitors are widely used in modern electronics equipment. When designed with sufficient margins they provide reliable service and enable high values of capacitance to be obtained within the small package sizes needed for modern equipment.

    Aluminium electrolytics were not initially available in surface mount packages as they were not able to withstand the temperatures needed in soldering. As a result tantalum capacitors which were able to withstand the soldering process were almost the only choice for high value capacitors in assemblies using surface mount technology.

    Now that SMD capacitors are available, tantalum is still used on surface mount printed circuit boards as they offer an excellent size and performance parameters, but electrolytic capacitors tend to be used more in newer electronic designs because of the cost differential between these two electronic components.

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    Good tantalum capacitors for hobbyist
    These tantalum capacitors includes the most useful values for building various kinds of circuits, and I expect to get considerable use from it. I will order more and recommend to my friends!
    From: Guyenng | Date: 20/11/2022
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