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    10 inch Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve, DN250

    High-accuracy pilot operated pressure relief valve with 10-inch inlet and outlet ports for sale. The water pressure reducing valve with an ambient temperature ≤80℃, flange-type connection. 10-inch water pressure relief valve adopts a rubber soft seal, which has good sealing performance, is not easy to wear, and prolongs the service life.
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    Cost-effective pressure release valve with DN250 nominal diameter, nominal pressure is 16 MPa, and sealing pressure is 1.76 MPa. The main function of the pressure safety valve is to reduce the pressure of the air source and stabilize it to a customized range.


    • Pilot-operated valves for limiting a system pressure
    • Operation using proportional solenoid
    • Maximum pressure limitation
    • Valve and control electronics from a single source
    • Little manufacturing tolerance of the command value
    • Pressure characteristic curve


    Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve Details


    • Model: ATO-200X-DN250
    • Size: 10 inch
    • Nominal diameter: DN250
    • Structural form: Diaphragm type
    • Pressure rating: PN16
    • Shell test pressure: 2.4MPa
    • Sealing test pressure: 1.76MPa
    • Ambient temperature: ≤80℃
    • Connection method: Flange
    • Medium: Water
    • Valve body material: Ductile iron QT450


    Pilot operated preesure relief valve dimension

    Dimension L D2 D1 x-n T F D
    DN250 533mm 405mm 350mm 355mm 12-φ23 12-φ26 25mm 3mm 319mm


    Pilot operated preesure relief valve dimension


    • It is recommended to install an exhaust valve on the top of the riser to make the pressure reducing valve work more smoothly.
    • Before installing the pressure relief valve, check the valve for unusual items and be sure to flush the pipeline.
    • Installation method: Horizontal or vertical installation, single valve set.

    Pressure Relief Valve Application

    Pilot operated pressure relief valve application

    Tips: Why can't the pilot-operated pressure reducing valve decompress and stabilize the pressure?

    • The direction of the water inlet and outlet is reversed, just replace and adjust.
    • The main valve diaphragm is damaged, just replace the main valve diaphragm.
    • The ball valve is not opened, just open the ball valve.
    • The adjustable decompression diaphragm is damaged, just replace the
    • Adjustable decompression valve diaphragm.
    • There are foreign objects in the valve body, just clean them up.
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