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    6 inch Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve, DN150

    ATO pilot operated pressure relief valve for sale online. The water pressure reducing valve with a 6" inlet and outlet ports, and an ambient temperature ≤80℃, flange-type connection. The 6-inch pressure relief valve can adjust and set the pressure at the outlet end of the pressure-reducing valve according to the need.
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    High-accuracy pressure relief valve with DN150 nominal diameter, nominal pressure is 16 MPa. The pressure release valve automatically opens at a set pressure and provides proportional and slow pressure relief.


    • Pilot-operated valves for limiting a system pressure
    • Operation using proportional solenoid
    • Maximum pressure limitation
    • Valve and control electronics from a single source
    • Little manufacturing tolerance of the command value
    • Pressure characteristic curve


    Pilot Operated  Pressure Relief Valve Details


    • Model: ATO-200X-DN150
    • Size: 6 inch
    • Nominal diameter: DN150
    • Structural form: Diaphragm type
    • Pressure rating: PN16
    • Shell test pressure: 2.4MPa
    • Sealing test pressure: 1.76MPa
    • Ambient temperature: ≤80℃
    • Connection method: Flange
    • Medium: Water
    • Valve body material: Ductile iron QT450


    Pilot operated preesure relief valve dimension

    Dimension L D2 D1 x-n T F D
    DN150 375mm 285mm 240mm 8-φ23 20mm 3mm 211mm


    Pilot operated preesure relief valve dimension


    • It is recommended to install an exhaust valve on the top of the riser to make the pressure reducing valve work more smoothly.
    • Before installing the pressure relief valve, check the valve for unusual items and be sure to flush the pipeline.
    • Installation method: Horizontal or vertical installation, single valve set.

    Pressure Relief Valve Application

    Pilot operated pressure relief valve application

    Tips: How does a pilot-operated pressure relief valve work? 

    The pilot opens when you increase the pressure and reach the set point. It disconnects the upper part of the piston. The pressure is a direct vacuum to the atmosphere, making the piston open and relieving the main valve's total capacity.
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