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    4 inch Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve, DN100

    Good price pilot operated pressure relief valve with a 4" inlet and outlet ports, pressure rating is PN16, the shell test pressure is 2.4 MPa. The 4-inch pressure reducing valve has high-precision pressure control and is easy to maintain.
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    Buy a pilot operated pressure relief valve with DN100 nominal diameter, nominal pressure is 16 MPa, which is made of ductile iron QT450 makes it more durable. The water pressure reducing valve is widely used in high-rise buildings, areas with excessive water pressure in urban water supply networks, mines and gas pipelines, etc.


    • Pilot-operated valves for limiting a system pressure
    • Operation using proportional solenoid
    • Maximum pressure limitation
    • Valve and control electronics from a single source
    • Little manufacturing tolerance of the command value
    • Pressure characteristic curve


    Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve Details


    • Model: ATO-200X-DN100
    • Size: 4 inch
    • Nominal diameter: DN100
    • Structural form: Diaphragm type
    • Pressure rating: PN16
    • Shell test pressure: 2.4MPa
    • Sealing test pressure: 1.76MPa
    • Ambient temperature: ≤80℃
    • Connection method: Flange
    • Medium: Water
    • Valve body material: Ductile iron QT450


    Pilot operated preesure relief valve dimension

    Dimension L D2 D1 x-n T F D
    DN100 306mm 220mm 180mm 8-φ19 20mm 3mm 156mm


    Pilot operated preesure relief valve dimension


    • It is recommended to install an exhaust valve on the top of the riser to make the pressure reducing valve work more smoothly.
    • Before installing the pressure relief valve, check the valve for unusual items and be sure to flush the pipeline.
    • Installation method: Horizontal or vertical installation, single valve set.

    Pressure Relief Valve Application

    Pilot operated pressure relief valve application

    Tips: What are the advantages of a pilot-operated pressure relief valve?

    Like other pressure relief valves (PRV), pilot-operated relief valves (PORV) are used for emergency relief during overpressure events (e.g., a tank gets too hot and the expanding fluid increases the pressure to dangerous levels).

    • The smaller package on the larger pipe sizes.
    • More options for control.
    • Seals more tightly as the system pressure approaches but does not reach set pressure.
    • The control pilot can be mounted remotely.
    • Some designs allow for changes in orifice size within the main valve.
    • The PORV can be used in engines.
    • Higher Operating-to-Set Pressure ratio.
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