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    10m (33 ft) Steel Tape Measure

    Good quality steel tape measure with a 10m measuring range, the easy read tape measure with tape blade width of 25mm, the longest horizontal length is 2.1m, and the longest vertical length is 3.4m. A stainless steel tape measure is a common tool in construction and renovation.
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    Easy read steel measure tape for sales. The measuring tape with 10m (33 ft) measuring range, and a tape blade width of 25mm. When measuring with the tape of the steel tape measure in the pushing state, in order to supplement the thickness error of the claw, the position of the movable claw can be automatically moved and corrected.


    • Model: ATO-1001-0695
    • Measuring Range: 10m (33 ft)
    • Tape Blade Width: 25mm
    • The longest horizontal length: 2.1m
    • The longest vertical length: 3.4m
    • Material: SK85 steel
    • Weight: 515g
    • Application: Measuring tool for engineering construction, household use


    10m tape measure dimension


    Steel tape measure application

    Tips: How accurate is a steel tape measure?

    This amounts to 0.000645 foot or 0.00774 inch per degree F. on a 100-foot tape, and one-half as much on a 50-foot tape. As a figure that is reasonably accurate and also easy to handle, it is customary on very long runs of pipe to allow 1/10” per 100 feet for each 10° change.

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