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    1100W (1.5 hp) Hot Water Circulation Booster Pump

    Buy a 1.5 hp circulation pump for the water heater online. 1100W domestic hot water booster pump provides a robust all-copper motor, max 25m lift and 200L/min flow, DN32 pipe diameter, and operating at 220V 50Hz power supply, designed for efficient pressure enhancement in water supply pipelines.
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    Cheap 1100W hot and cold water booster pump is designed to increase water pressure in hot and cold water systems. Low noise 1.5 hp hot water circulation pump comes with a high-quality motor, 220V 50Hz power supply, max 25m lift, 200L/min flow, and DN32 pipe diameter, suitable for large solar ground pressure, hot water boosting, and heating circulation.


    • Model: ATO-PUN-750EH
    • Power Supply: 220V 50Hz
    • Rated Power: 750W
    • Maximum Power: 1100W (1.5 hp)
    • Maximum Current: 5.1A
    • Maximum Lift: 25m
    • Maximum Flow: 200L/min
    • Rated Lift: 17.5m
    • Rated Flow: 110L/min
    • Pipe Diameter: DN32
    • Medium Temperature: 0℃~130℃
    • Weight: 13.55kg


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    Hot water circulation pump applications

    Tips: Where are circulation booster pumps commonly used?

    Circulation booster pumps are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings where efficient water distribution and pressure are essential. In residential settings, they are often installed in homes with multiple stories or long plumbing runs to reduce the time it takes for hot water to reach fixtures, enhancing user convenience. In commercial and industrial applications, circulation pumps are employed to maintain consistent water pressure in large buildings, hotels, hospitals, and other facilities. They are particularly valuable in systems where gravitational forces alone may be insufficient to ensure uniform water circulation. Overall, circulation booster pumps are utilized wherever there is a need to optimize water pressure, reduce waiting times, and improve the overall performance of hot and cold water distribution systems.

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