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    720W (1 hp) Hot Water Circulation Booster Pump

    1 hp domestic hot water circulation pump for sale online. 720W booster pump comes with 220V 50Hz power supply, 21m lift, 50L/min rated flow, and DN32 pipe diameter, suitable for maintaining a continuous and efficient flow of hot or cold water in closed loop piping systems.
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    720W hot and cold water circulation pump can be installed in the water supply pipeline to increase pressure. This 1 hp 720W booster pump is equipped with an all-copper motor, 220V 50Hz power supply, 21m lift, 50L/min rated flow, and DN32 pipe diameter, hot water recirculating pump, low price, and shipped directly from the manufacturer.


    • Model: ATO-PUN-402EH
    • Power Supply: 220V 50Hz
    • Rated Power: 400W
    • Maximum Power: 720W
    • Maximum Current: 3.2A
    • Maximum Lift: 21m
    • Maximum Flow: 100L/min
    • Rated Lift: 15m
    • Rated Flow: 50L/min
    • Pipe Diameter: DN32
    • Medium Temperature: 0℃~130℃
    • Weight: 11.05kg


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    Hot water circulation pump applications

    Tips: What does a hot and cold water circulation pump do?

    A hot and cold water circulation pump, often referred to as a circulator pump, is a device designed to circulate water within a plumbing system, ensuring consistent and efficient distribution of hot and cold water. Here's how it typically functions in both scenarios:

    Hot Water Circulation

    • Purpose: In a hot water circulation system, the pump's primary purpose is to overcome the gravitational forces and resistance in the pipes, ensuring a continuous flow of hot water throughout the plumbing system.
    • Operation: The pump is usually installed near the water heater. It circulates hot water from the heater to the various fixtures and appliances, such as taps and showers, and then returns the cooled water back to the heater for reheating. This minimizes the wait time for hot water at the taps, providing a quick and consistent hot water supply.

    Cold Water Circulation

    • Purpose: While less common than hot water circulation, a cold water circulation pump may be used in certain situations to ensure even distribution and prevent stagnation in the cold water pipes.
    • Operation: Similar to the hot water circulation pump, it helps maintain a steady flow of cold water throughout the plumbing system, particularly in larger buildings or systems where gravitational forces alone may not be sufficient for efficient water distribution.

    The benefits of hot and cold water circulation pumps include energy efficiency, water conservation, and improved user convenience by reducing the time it takes for water to reach the desired temperature at the point of use.

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