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    12 Nm Electromagnetic Power Off Brake, 24VDC

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    The small size electromagnetic power off brake features a rated torque of 12 Nm and a rated power of 20W. With its versatile design, the 24V DC electromagnetic power off brake is used in a wide range of industrial machinery, including conveyor systems, printing presses and packaging equipment.
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    The 24V DC electromagnetic cut-off brake is made of high quality materials. It has advanced safety features such as thermal protection and overload protection to ensure reliable and safe operation under demanding operating conditions.


    • Model: ATO-POB-S130
    • Static Torque: 12 Nm
    • Rated Voltage: DC 24V
    • Rated Power: 20W
    • Closing Time: 100 m/s
    • Disconnection Time: 60 m/s
    • Insulation Grade: H
    • Weight: 1.8kg


    • The electromagnetic power-off brake offers a dependable braking performance. The brake engages automatically when the power supply is interrupted or switched off.
    • Power-off brakes are designed with a compact footprint, allowing for easy integration into various systems and machinery without occupying excessive space.
    • The electromagnetic power-off brake has a quick response time, allowing for prompt engagement and disengagement.
    • Due to their simple and robust design, 12 Nm power-off brakes require minimal maintenance.

    Dimensions (unit: mm)

    Electromagnetic power off brake dimension

    Model A B C N I J K L d h b a S V
    ATO--POB-S130 110 103 31 26.5 7.3 27.2 38.8 11 20 22.8 6 0.2 10 4.3


    The electromagnetic power-off brake is suitable for various machinery applications such as metallurgy, machine tools, packaging, construction, chemical industry, food industry, stage equipment, elevators, ships, etc. It is used in situations where braking is required during power failure to achieve rapid stopping, precise positioning, and safe braking.

    Power off brake applications

    Tips: Can power-off brakes be released manually?

    Power-off brakes, also known as parking brakes or handbrakes, are typically designed to be released manually. They are a mechanical braking system that is independent of the vehicle's hydraulic or pneumatic braking system. The purpose of power-off brakes is to secure the vehicle in a parked position when it is not in use.

    To release power-off brakes manually, you usually have to engage a lever or push a button located inside the vehicle's cabin. The specific method for releasing the power-off brakes can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. In some cars, you may need to press a button on the dashboard or pull a lever located near the driver's seat. In others, you might have to step on a pedal or use a lever positioned on the floor.

    It's important to consult your vehicle's manual for detailed instructions on how to release the power-off brakes for your specific vehicle, as the process may differ from car to car. Additionally, make sure that you release the power-off brakes only when it is safe to do so and you are ready to drive the vehicle.

    Existing reviews of 12 Nm Electromagnetic Power Off Brake, 24VDC
    Just checking
    Just checking: Is this a spring-applied brake or a permanent magnet brake? Is there a spline/gear tooth engagement that causes the backlash? Thanks!
    From: Carter | Date: 08/01/2024
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    ATO Responded
    1. The POB-S130 electromagnetic power-off brake has a spring in the power-off brake, which is a spring-applied brake.
    2. There is No spline/gear tooth engagement that causes the backlash.
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