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    1200g Electronic Analytical Balance

    Economical price electronic analytical balance with LCD display for sale online. High precision electromagnetic force balance sensor adopts with this lab balance scale. The min weighing of digital analytical balance is 0.004g. Digital laboratory balance scale is widely used in science experiment and pharmaceutical industry and mechanical engineering.
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    Electronic analytical balances are typically more accurate and precise than regular weighing scales, and are often required for applications where even slight variations in mass can have significant impacts on results or outcomes.


    • Screen protective cover. Provide dustproof and stroke prevention;  prolong the service life of balance.
    • LCD display. LCD monitor, provide abundant weighing display information, convenient to read.
    • Casting aluminum shell. Precision cast aluminum case anti-interference, and corrosion-resistant, more accurate weighing.


    • Model: JA1203
    • Capacity: 1200g
    • Readability: 0.001g
    • Min Weighing: 0.004g
    • Repeatability: ±0.002g
    • Linearity: ±0.003g
    • Stable Time: ≤3s
    • Pan Size: φ80mm
    • Communication: RS232
    • Operation Temperature: 15-25 ℃
    • Calibration Method: external calibration


    Electronic analytical balance dimension


    Electronic analytical balance application

    Tips: How to Use Electronic Analytical Balance?

    • Preparation. Ensure that the balance is clean and free from any debris or substances that may affect its accuracy. Check if the balance is calibrated and leveled properly.
    • Powering on the balance. Plug in the balance and turn on the power switch. Allow the balance to warm up for the specified time, usually around 30 minutes, to stabilize its internal temperature.
    • Taring the balance. Place a clean and empty weighing vessel, such as a weighing boat or a glass beaker, on the balance pan. Press the "Tare" or "Zero" button to reset the balance reading to zero. This action accounts for the weight of the vessel and ensures that only the substance being weighed is measured.
    • Weighing the sample. Carefully add the sample you want to weigh into the tared weighing vessel. Use tools like spatulas or tweezers to avoid direct contact with the sample, as it may affect the measurement.
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