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    600g Electronic Analytical Balance

    Cost-effective lab weighing balance with LCD display for sale online. LCD HD display makes digital analytical balance reading clear. The readability of digital analytical balance is 0.001g. Analytical balance used for chemical industry, biological industry and pharmaceutical industry.
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    Modern electronic analytical balances often come with features such as automatic calibration, built-in temperature and humidity compensation, and data connectivity for easy data recording and analysis.


    • Screen protective cover. Provide dustproof and stroke prevention;  prolong the service life of balance.
    • LCD display. LCD monitor, provide abundant weighing display information, convenient to read.
    • Casting aluminum shell. Precision cast aluminum case anti-interference, and corrosion-resistant, more accurate weighing.


    • Model: JA603
    • Capacity: 600g
    • Readability: 0.001g
    • Min Weighing: 0.004g
    • Repeatability: ±0.002g
    • Linearity: ±0.003g
    • Stable Time: ≤3s
    • Pan Size: φ80mm
    • Communication: RS232
    • Operation Temperature: 15-25 ℃
    • Calibration Method: external calibration


    Electronic analytical balance dimension


    Electronic analytical balance application

    Tips: Electronic Analytical Balance Using Tips

    • Measurement Techniques. Place the sample gently on the center of the weighing pan, avoiding any contact with the sides of the container. Close the balance's draft shield or cover to minimize air disturbances. Allow the balance to stabilize before recording the measurement.
    • Readability and Precision. Electronic analytical balances usually have a readability of up to three decimal places. Ensure that the balance is capable of providing the required precision for your measurements.
    • Data Recording. Record the measurement accurately, noting the date, time, sample identification, and any other relevant information. Maintaining a detailed record helps track your work and ensures traceability.
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