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    12V 1000W Switching Power Supply

    1000W switching power supply converts AC input to DC output with overload and overvoltage protections. Affordable 12V SMPS power supply features 75A rated current, large capacity, low loss, more durable and safer, perfect for DC power supply for wide applications.
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    Low price 12 volt DC 1000W switching power supply (SMPS) converts AC power to DC, rated current 75A, reliable performance, sufficient power and stable operation. This high power switch mode power supply is ideal for power tools, home appliances, office equipment and industrial controls.


    Model ATO-MS-1000-12
    Output DC Voltage 0~12V
    Rated Current 75A
    Rated Power 1000W
    Ripple and Noise ① ≤150mV
    Voltage Accuracy ±1%
    Output Voltage Adjustment Range ±10%
    Load Regulation <±0.5
    Linear Adjustment Rate <±0.5%
    Input Voltage Range 180~264V AC 47Hz~63Hz; 254V DC~370V DC
    Efficiency (Typical) ② >85%
    Working Current 220V AC, 8A
    Electric Shock 60A 230V AC
    Start, Rise, Hold Time 200ms, 50ms, 20ms; 230V AC
    Protection Overload Protection 105%~135% Type: constant current output +VO drops to the undervoltage point and cuts off the output; Reset: power on again
    Over Temperature Protection RTH3: The fan rotates continuously, and the output is turned off when >90℃.
    Environment Temperature & Humidity -10C~+50℃; 20%~90RH
    Storage Humidity -20C~+85℃; 10%~95RH
    Safety & EMC Withstand Voltage Input-Output: 1.5kV AC; Input-Enclosure: 1.5kV AC; Output-Enclosure: 0.5kV AC
    Leakage Current Input-Output: <6mA at 1.5kV AC
    Leakage Current Input-Output: <1.5mA at 220V AC
    Isolation Resistor Input-Output, Input-Enclosure, Output Enclosure: 500V DC/100MΩ
    Size 240x125x65mm
    Net Weight 1.4kg


    • High-quality capacitors: 12V switching power supply uses high-quality electrolytic capacitors, which have large capacity, low loss, and are more durable and safer.
    • Pure copper transformer: It is equipped with sufficient turns of coil winding, with reliable performance, full power and stable operation.
    • EML filter: ATO 1000W switch mode power supply has strong anti-interference ability, efficient work and good performance.


    12V switching power supply details

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    12V switching power supply dimension

    SMPS Power Supply Applications

    • Power Tools: Electric Saw, Drilling Machine, Ginder, Sand Blast Machine, Punching Machine, Weeding Machine, Air Compressor, etc.
    • Office Devices: Computer, Printer, LCD Monitor, Scanning Machine, etc.
    • Electrics & Household Appliance: TV, VCRS, Radio, Dust Collector, Fan Lamp or LED Strip, Sewing Machine, Microwave Oven, Fridge/Freezer, Coffemarker, etc.
    • Industrial Equipment: Monitoring Equipment, Shipping, Vehicle, Metal halide Lamp, Solar System, Wind Power Generation, etc.

    Switching power supply applications

    Tips: Linear Power Supply vs. Switching Power Supply


    • Linear power supplies are less efficient because they regulate voltage by dissipating excess energy as heat. This heat generation can lead to lower efficiency and requires larger heatsinks.
    • Switching power supplies are more efficient since they regulate voltage by rapidly switching the input voltage on and off. This switching mechanism minimizes heat generation, resulting in higher efficiency and smaller form factors.

    Size and Weight

    • Linear power supplies tend to be larger and heavier due to the need for larger transformers and heatsinks to dissipate heat generated during voltage regulation.
    • Switching power supplies are typically smaller and lighter because they are more energy-efficient, generate less heat, and use compact components like inductors and capacitors, making them suitable for applications where space and weight constraints are important.
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