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    12V 1500W Switching Power Supply

    Factory price 1500W switching power supply for sale online. It can transform 220V AC input to a stable 12V DC voltage at the rated current 120A. High efficiency SMPS switching power supply is widely used for LED lights, printers, computers, monitoring cameras and industrial control.
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    Cheap 1500W switching power supply (SMPS) converts AC input to a stable DC at a rated current of 120A. Quality 12V DC switch mode power supply comes with overvoltage & overload protection, strong anti-interference ability, efficient work and good performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment or devices.


    Model ATO-S-1500-12
    Output DC Voltage 0~12V
    Rated Current 120A
    Rated Power 1500W
    Ripple and Noise ① ≤150mV
    Voltage Accuracy ±1%
    Output Voltage Adjustment Range ±10%
    Load Regulation <±0.5
    Linear Adjustment Rate <±1%
    Input Voltage Range 180~264V AC 47Hz~63Hz; 254V DC~370V DC
    Efficiency (Typical) ② >85%
    Working Current 220V AC, 13.5A
    Electric Shock 60A 230V AC
    Start, Rise, Hold Time 800ms, 50ms, 20ms; 230V AC
    Protection Overload Protection 105%~135% Type: constant current output +VO drops to the undervoltage point and cuts off the output; Reset: power on again
    Over Temperature Protection RTH3: The fan rotates continuously, and the output is turned off when >90℃.
    Environment Temperature & Humidity -10C~+50℃; 20%~90RH
    Storage Humidity -20C~+85℃; 10%~95RH
    Safety & EMC Withstand Voltage Input-Output: 1.5kV AC; Input-Enclosure: 1.5kV AC; Output-Enclosure: 0.5kV AC
    Leakage Current Input-Output: <6mA at 1.5kV AC
    Leakage Current Input-Output: <1.5mA at 220V AC
    Isolation Resistor Input-Output, Input-Enclosure, Output Enclosure: 500V DC/100MΩ
    Size 292x133x70mm
    Net Weight 2.7kg


    • High-quality capacitors: 12V switching power supply uses high-quality electrolytic capacitors, which have large capacity, low loss, and are more durable and safer.
    • Pure copper transformer: It is equipped with sufficient turns of coil winding, with reliable performance, full power and stable operation.
    • EML filter: ATO 1500W switch mode power supply has strong anti-interference ability, efficient work and good performance.


    12V switching power supply details

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    12V switching power supply dimension

    SMPS Power Supply Applications

    • Power Tools: Electric Saw, Drilling Machine, Ginder, Sand Blast Machine, Punching Machine, Weeding Machine, Air Compressor, etc.
    • Office Devices: Computer, Printer, LCD Monitor, Scanning Machine, etc.
    • Electrics & Household Appliance: TV, VCRS, Radio, Dust Collector, Fan Lamp or LED Strip, Sewing Machine, Microwave Oven, Fridge/Freezer, Coffemarker, etc.
    • Industrial Equipment: Monitoring Equipment, Shipping, Vehicle, Metal halide Lamp, Solar System, Wind Power Generation, etc.

    Switching power supply applications

    Tips: What types of devices or applications require a 12V 1500W power supply?

    A 12V 1500W switching power supply is crucial for a range of applications requiring a stable and high-power 12-volt DC source. It is commonly found in industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and data centers where it ensures uninterrupted operations. In industrial settings, it powers manufacturing equipment, conveyors, and automation systems. Telecommunications infrastructure, including base stations and network devices, relies on these power supplies for consistent connectivity. Data centers use them to support servers, storage systems, and networking equipment, ensuring efficient data processing and storage.

    Additionally, high-end computing systems, such as gaming computers and workstations with powerful CPUs and GPUs, depend on 12V 1500W power supplies to meet their demanding energy needs. Large-scale LED lighting installations, like stadium lighting and architectural displays, benefit from these power supplies for their high luminosity requirements. Lastly, audio equipment, including high-power amplifiers in concert venues and studios, employs 12V 1500W power supplies for quality sound reproduction and amplification.

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