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    150 mm Vernier Caliper, 0.02 mm Reading

    The provided 150 mm vernier caliper is a measuring tool used to provide length, depth, inner diameter and outer diameter measurements. It comes with a square depth rod, and carbon steel materials, 0.02 mm reading. Low price vernier scale is widely used in science labs, medical purposes, steel industries, aerospace industries, etc.
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    150 mm vernier caliper for sale online. High precision vernier scale with a square depth rod, and carbon steel materials, 0.02 mm reading, easy to use and carry, used for measuring length, depth, inner diameter and outer diameter. 


    • <Made of Carbon Steel> The mechanical vernier caliper is made of carbon steel, and the main caliper and ruler frame are heat treated as a whole.
    • <Square Depth Rod>  The depth caliper is hidden in the inner groove. 150 mm vernier caliper is available with square depth rods.
    • <Locked Anywhere> High precision vernier scale comes with a semi-circular non-slip push handle and metal fastening screws. Any position of the vernier caliper can be locked, and the reading is retained for easy operation.
    • <Durable Measuring Surface> Matte chrome with laser-scored lines. Matte chrome plating on the engraved surface of the main ruler and ruler frame, laser engraved lines, exquisite and durable. The scale of the vernier caliper is clear and the measurement is accurate.


    • Model: ATO-VC-SG150
    • Range: 0~150 mm
    • Weight: 700g
    • Material: Carbon Steel
    • Reading: 0.02 mm
    • Depth Rod Type: Square
    • Product Packaging: Plastic Box

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    150 mm vernier caliper dimensions

    Range (mm) 0~150 Reading (mm) 0.02
    a (mm) 16 t (mm) 3
    A (mm) 40 B (mm) 21
    Material Carbon Steel Remarks Square depth rod


    vernier caliper details

    Vernier Caliper Applications

    The vernier caliper is a common vernier gauge used by assemblers and equipment maintenance personnel. It can directly measure the outside diameter, inside diameter, thickness, width, depth and hole distance of parts. ATO 100~600 mm vernier calipers are widely used in scientific laboratories, medical applications, steel industry, aerospace industry and education sector.

    Vernier caliper applications

    Tips: What is a mechanical vernier caliper?

    Mechanical vernier calipers are precision length measuring instruments. Its common measuring range is 0~100, 200 to 1000 mm, and the division value is 0.02mm. The mechanical vernier caliper is composed of inner measuring claws, outer measuring claws, fastening screws, fine-tuning devices, main caliper, vernier caliper, and depth gauge. ATO 0 to 600 mm vernier calipers are all mechanical vernier calipers.

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