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    1hp (750W) Explosion Proof Motor, 380V, 2P/ 3P/ 4P

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    1hp explosion-proof motor online for sale. Flameproof motor with frequency 50Hz, 2P/ 3P/ 4P can be chosen, B3/ B35/ B5 three mounting types for selection. Three phase asynchronous motor is used in coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.
    SKU: ATO-WEX3-80M1
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    750 watt explosion proof motor at affordable price, with 3000r/min/ 1500r/min/ 1000r/min three synchronous speed are optional. Flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, safety, reliability and convenient maintenance.


    Model WEX3-80M1-2
    Numbers of poles 2P/ 4P/ 6P
    Synchronous speed 3000r/min/ 1500r/min/ 1000r/min
    Mounting types B3/ B5/ B35
    Rated power 1hp (750W)
    Rated voltage 380V (380V-660V can be customized)
    Frequency 50Hz
    Duty S1
    Ambient temperature -20℃~40℃
    Altitude ≤1000m
    Humidity ≤90%
    Terminal box position Top
    Type of cable entry Cable grand
    Enclosure IP55
    Inverter operation Inverter use ready up to 500V acc
    Insulation Class F
    Cooling type IC411
    Shaft key Type A
    Lubrication Sealed
    Connectiom "Y" connection
    Fan material Engineered plastic
    Rotation direction Clockwise rotation at drive end
    Winding temperature measurement Thermistors (PTC)
    Anti-corrosion grade C3
    Certificates IEC, EX, ATEX
    Explosion-proof mark Ex d I Mb, Ex d ⅡB T4 Gb, Ex d ⅡC T4 Gb
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimensions (mm)

    Mounting type Frame size Mounting dimensions (mm) Outline dimensions (mm)
    Ex db eb Ex db
    B3 80M 125 62.5 100 50 80 4 10 - - - - - - 32 27.5 15 15 - 157 160 160 130 10 12 162 255 260 360
    B35 125 62.5 100 50 80 4 10 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 32 27.5 15 15 12 157 160 160 130 10 12 162 255 260 360
    B5 - - - - 80 - - 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 - - - - 12 - - - - - - 162 275 280 360

    Dimension of explosion proof of B3

    Dimension of explosion proof of B35

    Dimension of explosion proof of B5

    Frame size Shaft (mm)
    D E F GA DB
    80M 19 40 6 21.5 M6*20

    Dimension of explosion proof motor of draft


    750W Explosion Pproof Motor Details

    Tips: What is Explosion Proof Motor?

    Explosion-proof motor is a type of motor with explosion-proof performance. It is a kind of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive places, and it does not produce electric sparks during operation. The explosion-proof motor is actually an explosion-proof motor. It has a structure different from that used in ordinary environments. It can prevent the combustible gas and dust outside the motor from entering the motor to the greatest extent, or even if it enters, it will not ignite the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment from the flame out of the casing when short-circuited and caught in the interior. As the main power equipment, flameproof motors are usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery.

    Existing reviews of 1hp (750W) Explosion Proof Motor, 380V, 2P/ 3P/ 4P
    nice explosion proof motor
    This explosion proof motor has exceeded my expectations in every way. It has a robust construction and a reliable performance. The motor runs smoothly and efficiently, with minimal noise and vibration. Also, the installation is simple and easliy understood. It's a high-quality, dependable motor, highly recommend.
    From: Stephane | Date: 08/07/2024
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