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    2hp (1.5kW) Explosion Proof Motor, 380V, 2P/ 3P/ 4P

    1.5kW explosion proof motor at affordable price, with rated voltage 380V, 3000r/min/ 1500r/min/ 1000r/min synchronous speed, 2P/ 3P/ 4P can be chosen. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, low vibration, safety and reliability, convenient maintenance.
    SKU: ATO-WEX3-90S
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    Cost-effective explosion proof motor with B3/ B5/ B35 three mounting types, 50Hz frequency, IEC, EX, ATEX certificates, 12 months warranty.


    Model WEX3-90S-2
    Numbers of poles 2P/ 4P/ 6P
    Synchronous speed 3000r/min/ 1500r/min/ 1000r/min
    Mounting types B3/ B5/ B35
    Rated power 2hp (1.5kW)
    Rated voltage 380V (380V-660V can be customized)
    Frequency 50Hz
    Duty S1
    Ambient temperature -20~40℃
    Altitude 1000m
    Humidity ≤90%
    Terminal box position Top
    Type of cable entry Cable grand
    Enclosure IP55
    Inverter operation Inverter use ready up to 500V acc
    Insulation Class F
    Cooling type IC411
    Shaft key Type A
    Lubrication Sealed
    Connectiom "Y" connection
    Fan material Engineered plastic
    Rotation direction Clockwise rotation at drive end
    Winding temperature measurement Thermistors (PTC)
    Anti-corrosion grade C3
    Certificates IEC, EX, ATEX
    Explosion-proof mark Ex d I Mb, Ex d ⅡB T4 Gb, Ex d ⅡC T4 Gb
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimensions (mm)

    Mounting type Frame size Mounting dimensions (mm)             Outline dimensions (mm)
    Ex db eb Ex db
    B3 90S 140 70 100 56 90 4 10 - - - - - - 37 34 12 15 - 172 180 200 155 12 12 175 275 280 396
    B35 140 70 100 50 90 4 10 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 37 34 12 15 10 172 180 200 155 12 12 175 275 280 396
    B5 - - - - 90 - - 165 130 200 0 12 3.5 - - - - 10 - - - - - - 175 285 290 426

    Dimension of explosion proof of B3

    Dimension of explosion proof of B35

    Dimension of explosion proof of B5

    Frame size Shaft (mm)
    D E F GA DB
    90S 24 50 8 27 M8*22

    Dimension of explosion proof motor of draft

    Tips: Types of Explosion Proof Motor.

    Flameproof motor:

    It uses a flameproof enclosure to separate the electrical parts that may produce sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures from the surrounding explosive gas mixture. However, this kind of shell is not sealed, and the surrounding explosive gas mixture can enter the inside of the motor through the gaps between the joint surfaces of each part of the shell. An explosion may occur when it comes into contact with ignition sources such as sparks, arcs, and dangerous high temperatures in the enclosure. At this time, the flameproof enclosure of the motor will not be damaged or deformed, but also when the explosion flame or hot gas is transmitted through the joint surface gap, Nor can it ignite the surrounding explosive gas mixture. The explosion-proof marks are ExdI, ExdIIAT4, ExdIIBT4, which are suitable for non-excavation working faces in coal mines or workplaces where explosive gas mixtures are contained in factories. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, large temperature rise margin, long life, good performance, low noise, low vibration, high protection level, advanced explosion-proof structure, safety and reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. A new generation of energy-saving power equipment suitable for coal, petroleum, chemical and other industries.



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