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    2.4mm Female RF Coaxial Connector, Flange Mount

    2.4mm female (jack) RF coaxial connector is a vital cable connector used in telecommunications and broadcasting, particularly for TV aerial and antenna connections. It facilitates the transmission of radio frequency signals between devices. Flange mount coax connector for surface through wall installation, plays a crucial role in maintaining signal integrity and seamless communication.
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    2.4mm female (jack) RF coaxial connector is frequently employed in TV antenna. Flange mount options offer flexibility in PCB circuit board applications. With a versatile design, the low price RF coax connector ensures seamless signal transmission in electronic communication systems, making it an integral component in modern connectivity solutions.


    • Model: ATO-24FP403F02-M
    • Frequency Range: DC~50GHz
    • Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): 1.15:1 (Max.)
    • Impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Insertion Loss: 0.25dB (Max.)
    • Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1000V
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥5000 Ohm
    • Connector Type A: Media Through Wall
    • Connector Type B: 2.4mm-Female
    • Working Temperature: -55℃~+165℃
    • Inner Conductor Material: Bronze Plated Gold Plated
    • Outer Conductor Material: Stainless Steel Passivated
    • Insulator: PTFE
    • Service Life: ≥500

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    • φD1: 1.67mm/0.158"
    • φD2: 0.3mm/0.012"
    • L1: 1.4mm/0.055"
    • L2: 1.5mm/0.059"

    2.4mm female flange mount RF coaxial connector dimension

    Tips: How does an RF coaxial connector work?

    An RF coaxial connector facilitates the transmission of radio frequency signals between electronic devices, offering a reliable and shielded connection. It comprises a central conductor, typically a metal wire or pin, surrounded by an insulating material, and an outer conductor or shield. The central conductor carries the signal, while the outer conductor acts as a ground and shields against electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI).

    The connectors are designed to maintain a consistent impedance, crucial for efficient signal transmission. When two connectors are mated, their central conductors align, establishing a continuous path for the signal. The threaded or bayonet coupling mechanism ensures a secure and stable connection. The coaxial design minimizes signal loss and interference, making it suitable for various applications, including telecommunications, broadcasting, and high-frequency electronic systems. Overall, RF coaxial connectors play a pivotal role in maintaining signal integrity and preventing external interference in electronic communication systems.

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