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    2200W Aerator Pump, AC 220V/DC 300V

    2200W water aerator pump with mppt controller, AC 220V/DC 300V, oxygenator pump for fish ponds can not only bring rich oxygen to fish ponds, improve water quality, but also form a spectacular fountain pond landscape.
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    2.2 kW / 3 hp solar fish pond pump aerator oxygenator is the ideal solution, mppt controller DC 300V and AC 220V, cheap price, high quality aerator pump.


    Model ATO-AP2200W
    Voltage DC300V/AC 220V
    Power 2200W
    Voltage Range 210-450V
    Solar Power 10*300W
    Flow 55m3/h
    Outlet 3 Inch
    Covering Area 666-1332m2
    Material ABS Plastic
    Pressure Low Pressure
    Weight 14 kg
    Application Fish Pond/Irrigation
    Certificate CE, ISO, SGS
    Warranty 48 Months

    ATO-AP2200W Performance Curves
    2200W aerator pump performance curvesInstallation Drawing
    Aerator pump installation drawing
    Aerator pump applications
    Tips: ATO Aerator Pump Power
    The power of ATO solar Aerator Pump is currently 370W, 750W, 1100W to 2200W. The voltage level is divided into three-phase AC 220V, DC 72V, 96V, 300V. The voltage level of the aerator pump motor is best to choose 220V, so the voltage of the array The level will not be too high, the number of series will be small, and the installation workload will be much smaller. According to the voltage and power level of the pump, the configuration of the system's solar cell array can be low voltage and high voltage. When the power is small, such as 750W, a low voltage level photovoltaic array can be selected. The voltage and power are easy to match. The design of its power system adopts DC / DC boost, and then drives the high-pressure universal aerator pump with variable frequency, which is small in size and light in weight. For larger power systems, solar cells can be directly connected in series to a high voltage matching level, and the power system uses a direct frequency conversion drive method.

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