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    750W DC 48V Aerator Pump

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    ATO aerator pumps are made from high quality materials to ensure they are both durable and reliable. Aerator air pump power of 750W, with a dc 48V controller, effectively improve water quality and provide sufficient oxygen supply for fish.
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    Solar powered aerators for fish live well, it comes with a 48 volt controller, power of 0.75 kW / 1 hp, flow 25m3/h, covering area 333-666m2. Aeration pumps are easy to install and operate with their powerful motors, durable construction, and compact design.


    Model ATO-AP750W
    Voltage DC48V
    Power 750W
    Voltage Range 50-100V
    Solar Power 4*300W
    Flow 25m3/h
    Outlet 3 Inch
    Covering Area 333-666m2
    Material ABS Plastic
    Pressure Low Pressure
    Weight 14 kg
    Application Fish Pond/Irrigation
    Certificate CE, ISO, SGS
    Warranty 48 Months

    ATO-AP750W Performance Curves
    750W aerator pump performance curvesInstallation Drawing
    Aerator pump installation drawing
    Aerator pump applications
    Tips: Aeration principle
    Aerator pump uses its own air pump to blow air into the water to achieve the purpose of increasing the oxygen content in the water. The working parts are driven by a power source such as an electric motor or a diesel engine, so that the "oxygen" in the air is quickly transferred to the aquaculture water body. The physical, chemical and biological functions can be comprehensively used to solve the problems in the aquaculture and increase the yield.

    Existing reviews of 750W DC 48V Aerator Pump
    Good solar powered pond aerator
    I bought 2 solar aerator pumps for my fish pond, they can be used after receiving them. It is simple and convenient, the price is acceptable, after all, I don't need to buy a controller. Satisfied with the overall DC aerator pump, I believe my fish will love it.
    From: Addison | Date: 18/03/2020
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