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    25mm Thermostatic Radiator Valve, Straight/Corner

    The provided 25mm radiator valve is a temperature control valve with manual or automatic modes. Cheap angled/straight thermostatic radiator valve is usually located at the bottom of the radiator and works by regulating the flow of hot water into the radiator.
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    25mm thermostatic control valve is easy to install on the radiator. Manual or automatic mode is optional. Straight/corner radiator thermostatic valve is used in a variety of heating applications for energy efficiency, comfort and temperature control.


    Model ATO-SS7010 ATO-SS7020 ATO-SS7090
    Type (Optional) Corner Type Straight Type Straight Type
    Nominal Diameter 1 inch, 25mm, DN25
    Nominal Pressure ≤1.6MPa 1.6MPa
    Drive Mode (Optional) Manual Automatic
    Working Temperature 20℃≤T≤150℃ 0℃≤T≤110℃
    Pipe Thread Standard ISO 228
    Connection Form G Thread
    Working Medium Water, Non-Corrosive Gas, and Liquid

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Manual radiator thermostatic valve dimensions

    Manual Thermostatic Radiator Valve Dimensions

    Type DN SIZE L d H D G
    Corner Type 25 1 67.5 17 86.5 44 1
    Straight Type 25 1 98 17 69 44 1

    Radiator thermostatic valve dimensionAutomatic Thermostatic Radiator Valve Dimensions

    Type DN SIZE L d H D G
    Straight Type 25 1 123 17.5 62.5 50 1


    • The temperature control valve is fully installed at the entrance of the radiator, please pay attention to the direction of the arrow when installing.
    • In order to facilitate the installation of the thermostat, the handle should be set to the open position (the position of number 5) before installation, and the lock nut of the thermostat should be screwed onto the valve.
    • In order to avoid functional failures caused by welding slag and other debris, pipes and radiators should be thoroughly cleaned.
    • When retrofitting an old heating system, a filter should be installed in front of the radiator thermostat valve.
    • The radiator thermostatic valve should be installed correctly so that the thermostat is installed in a horizontal position.


    Manual and automatic radiator thermostatic valves can be used for controlling the temperature in a room by regulating the flow of hot water into a radiator. Straight or corner type radiator thermostatic valves can improve the efficiency of central heating systems, and can help to reduce energy consumption and costs, widely used in residential and commercial buildings, and can be installed on individual radiators or as part of a larger central heating system.

    Radiator thermostatic valve applications

    Tips: Manual vs. Automatic Radiator Thermostatic Valve

    The main difference between a manual radiator thermostatic valve and an automatic radiator thermostatic valve is the way they operate to control the temperature in a room.

    A manual radiator thermostatic valve requires adjustment by hand and is used to maintain a steady temperature in a room. The valve allows the user to adjust the flow of hot water into the radiator by turning a control knob on the valve. The user can set the desired temperature and the valve will regulate the flow of hot water into the radiator accordingly. However, manual valves do not have sensors and cannot adjust the flow of hot water automatically based on changes in room temperature.

    An automatic radiator thermostatic valve, also known as a self-regulating valve, is equipped with a temperature-sensitive element that detects changes in room temperature and adjusts the flow of hot water into the radiator automatically. The valve opens and closes based on the temperature of the room, allowing for precise temperature control. This type of valve can save energy and reduce heating costs by reducing the flow of hot water when the desired temperature is reached and increasing it again as the room cools down.

    In summary, while both types of radiator thermostatic valves regulate the flow of hot water into the radiator to control the temperature of a room, a manual valve requires adjustment by hand, while an automatic valve adjusts the flow of hot water automatically based on changes in room temperature.

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