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    3 Way Thermostatic Valve, Manual, 3/4 inch

    3 way thermostatic valve for sale online. It can be used as a radiator thermostatic valve, manually controlled, 20mm, commonly used in industrial processes, HVAC systems and other applications requiring precise temperature control.
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    Factory price 3 way thermostatic valve can be mounted on radiators. The 3/4 inch TRV valve can be manually set to maintain a constant temperature to help prevent equipment damage, suitable for HVAC systems that require manual temperature control, such as in small-scale heating and cooling systems.


    • Model: ATO-SS7030
    • Type: 3 Way Control Valve (Low Resistance)
    • Nominal Diameter: 3/4 inch (20mm)
    • Nominal Pressure: PN≤1.6MPa
    • Drive Mode: Manual
    • Working Medium: Water, Non-Corrosive Gas, and Liquid
    • Working Temperature:- 20℃≤T≤150℃
    • Connection Form: G Thread
    • Pipe Thread Standard: ISO 228

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    3 way temperature control valve dimension

    DN SIZE L H H1 D
    20 3/4 83 123 58 43


    • The temperature control valve is fully installed at the entrance of the radiator, please pay attention to the direction of the arrow when installing.
    • In order to facilitate the installation of the thermostat, the handle should be set to the open position (the position of number 5) before installation, and the lock nut of the thermostat should be screwed onto the valve.
    • In order to avoid functional failures caused by welding slag and other debris, pipes and radiators should be thoroughly cleaned.
    • When retrofitting an old heating system, a filter should be installed in front of the radiator thermostat valve.
    • The radiator thermostatic valve should be installed correctly so that the thermostat is installed in a horizontal position.


    3 way thermostatic valves are commonly used in HVAC systems that require precise temperature control, such as underfloor heating systems, radiant heating systems, and cooling systems. 

    Radiator thermostatic valve applications

    Tips: What is a manual 3 way thermostatic valve?

    A manual 3-way thermostatic valve is a type of valve used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to manually control the flow of water or other fluids. It is called a "3-way" valve because it has three ports or openings for fluid to flow through.

    Unlike automatic 3-way thermostatic valves that use a temperature sensor to adjust the position of the valve, manual 3-way thermostatic valves are operated manually using a handle or lever. The handle or lever can be rotated to control the amount of hot and cold water that flows through the valve.

    The valve has two inlet ports and one outlet port. One of the inlet ports is connected to the hot water supply, and the other inlet port is connected to the cold water supply. The outlet port is connected to the heating or cooling system.

    When the handle or lever is turned, it changes the position of the valve, allowing more or less hot or cold water to flow through. By adjusting the flow of hot and cold water, the temperature of the fluid flowing through the valve can be controlled to achieve the desired temperature.

    Manual 3-way thermostatic valves are commonly used in HVAC systems that require manual temperature control, such as in small-scale heating and cooling systems. They are generally less expensive than automatic 3-way thermostatic valves and are relatively easy to install and operate.

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