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    G3/8" Quick Exhaust Valve

    ATO quick exhaust valve (QEV) is a type of pneumatic valve used in compressed air systems to quickly release the air from a pneumatic actuator or cylinder. This G3/8 inch quick exhaust valve expedite the return stroke of a pneumatic cylinder by rapidly exhausting the compressed air from the cylinder's exhaust port.
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    Quick exhaust valves are widely used in industries such as manufacturing, automation, and robotics, where the timely release of compressed air is essential for optimal operational efficiency. Typically used with cylinders and actuators, the QEV helps accelerate the pneumatic device's return stroke by swiftly exhausting the pressurized air.


    • Model: ATO-QE-03
    • Port Diameter: G3/8 inch
    • Nominal Diameter: DN10
    • Connection Form: Thread
    • Drive Mode: Pneumatic
    • Pressure Range: 0~1MPa
    • Operating Temperature: -5~60℃
    • Action Mode: Single Action
    • Sealing Material: Nitrile Rubber
    • Position: 3 Way
    • Applicable Media: Air
    • Valve Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Lining Material: Copper Alloy

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    QEV quick exhaust valve dimension

    Model A B C D E F G
    ATO-QE-03 4 48 14 28 13 36 G3/8"

    Tips: Where are quick exhaust valves used?

    Quick exhaust valves are commonly used in pneumatic systems to enhance the speed and efficiency of cylinder actuation. These valves are strategically placed in the exhaust path of pneumatic cylinders to facilitate rapid air release during the exhaust phase. By minimizing the backpressure in the cylinder, QEVs accelerate the retraction of the piston, resulting in faster cycle times. This is particularly beneficial in applications where quick and precise movements are essential, such as in manufacturing processes, robotics, and automation systems. Quick exhaust valves play a crucial role in improving the overall performance of pneumatic systems by optimizing energy efficiency and response times, ultimately enhancing the productivity and reliability of industrial machinery.

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