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    G1" Quick Exhaust Valve

    Low price quick exhaust valve (QEV) for sale, with G1 inch thread port, aluminum alloy body material. This pneumatic valve is used to rapidly exhaust air from a pneumatic system, allowing for rapid movement of the actuator or piston.

    Quick exhaust valve (QEV) is commonly employed in pneumatic systems where rapid and precise actuator movements are crucial, such as in industrial automation, robotics, and various manufacturing processes. It serves to increase the speed of an actuator's return stroke by quickly exhausting the air from the cylinder, enhancing overall system efficiency.


    • Model: ATO-LQE-10
    • Port Diameter: G1 inch
    • Nominal Diameter: DN25
    • Connection Form: Thread
    • Drive Mode: Pneumatic
    • Operating Temperature: -5~60℃
    • Action Mode: Single Action
    • Working Media: Compressed Air
    • Flow direction: 2 Way
    • Valve Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    QEV quick exhaust valve dimension

    Model A B C D H R
    ATO-LQE-10 63.9 99 36.8 74.2 40.8 G1

    Tips: How do quick exhaust valves contribute to energy efficiency?

    Quick exhaust valves contribute to energy efficiency by rapidly exhausting compressed air from pneumatic systems, enabling faster actuator response times. These valves facilitate quick cylinder retraction, reducing cycle times in automated processes. By expelling air at an accelerated rate, quick exhaust valves enhance the efficiency of pneumatic systems, optimizing energy usage and promoting overall productivity. The swift release of compressed air prevents energy waste and ensures precise control over pneumatic components, enhancing the system's responsiveness. This efficiency improvement is particularly beneficial in manufacturing and automation, where speed and precision are crucial. QEVs help minimize air consumption, leading to energy savings and a more sustainable operation of pneumatic machinery.

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