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    G3/4" Quick Exhaust Valve

    Low price 2 way quick exhaust valve for sale, with G3/4 inch thread port, aluminum alloy body material. This single action QEV is a pneumatic device designed to expedite the release of compressed air in a pneumatic system. It features a spring-loaded mechanism that ensures prompt opening and closing, contributing to improved overall system performance.
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    Quick Exhaust Valve (QEV) is a pneumatic component designed to rapidly release compressed air from a system. The functions of a quick exhaust valve provide a quick and efficient path for the high-pressure air to escape, enabling faster response times in pneumatic systems.


    • Model: ATO-LQE-06
    • Port Diameter: G3/4 inch
    • Nominal Diameter: DN20
    • Connection Form: Thread
    • Drive Mode: Pneumatic
    • Operating Temperature: -5~60℃
    • Action Mode: Single Action
    • Working Media: Compressed Air
    • Flow direction: 2 Way
    • Valve Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    QEV quick exhaust valve dimension

    Model A B C D H R
    ATO-LQE-06 55.3 89.6 37 65.5 34 G3/4

    Tips: Do quick exhaust valves require maintenance?

    Quick exhaust valves, commonly used in pneumatic systems, generally require minimal maintenance. However, regular checks are advisable to ensure optimal performance. Inspecting for leaks, damage, or debris in the valve and associated components is crucial. Cleaning or replacing filters can prevent clogs and maintain efficiency. Lubrication might be necessary depending on the valve type and manufacturer recommendations. Timely addressing of any issues can prevent malfunctions and extend the valve's lifespan. While QEVs are designed for durability, adherence to maintenance guidelines helps ensure their reliability in pneumatic applications. Always refer to the specific valve's documentation for accurate maintenance instructions.

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