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    3 hp 18 Gal. 115 PSI Belt Driven Air Compressor

    2.2 kW (3 hp) air compressor is powerful and portable with a built-in wheel kit and easy carry handle. Using the long life highly efficient, smooth and quiet operating 11.8 CFM, twin cylinder belt drive compressor pump, and the tank capacity of this 115 PSI air compassor is 18 Gal.
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    Cheap small 3 horsepower (2200W) air compressor has a large 11.8 CFM displacement, 120V AC power voltage and an impressive 18 gallon (70 litres) capacity stationary air receiver. The air compressor works up to a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI and is ideal for operating most workshop air tools as well as paint spraying.

    3 hp 115 PSI Air Compressor Description

    Model VA-70
    Size 100 (L)*40 (W)*78 (H) CM
    Type of the Air Copmpressor Belt driven
    Tank Capacity 18 Gal. (Can be customized)
    Motor Power 3 hp, 2.2 kW (Can be customized)
    Power Source AC Power
    Voltage 120V, 60Hz (Can be customized)
    Cylinder 70x2
    Air Delivery 336L/Min, 11.8 CFM
    Maximum Pressure 8 Bar, 115 PSI
    maximum Speed 1100 rpm
    Certification CE, ROHS, CCC, ISO
    Noise Level 80dB
    Warranty 1 Year
    Cooling Method Air Cooling

    Choose Your Air Compressor
    You could choose different stage of 2.2 kW belt driven air compressor for your requirements.

    Model Gal. kW HP Stage Cylinder L/min RPM PSI CFM Bar Size (cm)
    VA-70 18 2.2  3 1 stage  70x2 336 1100 115 11.8 8 100*40*78
    V-025125 18 2.2  3 2 stage 65x1, 51x1 159 1050 175 5.6 12.5 100*38*78

    Note: Tell us your application needs, we can customize the air compressor to meet your precise power, tank capacity, air delivery and rated voltage requirements.
    Air Compressor Applications

    belt driven air compressor applicationPacking & Delivery
    3 hp belt driven air compressor packing and deliveryTips: Advantages of ATO piston belt driven air compressor

    1. The provided piston belt driven air compressor has a wide applicable pressure range and it can reach the required pressure regardless of the flow and size.
    2. It has high thermal efficiency and little unit power consumption.
    3. It has strong adaptability, that is wide discharge range and it is not affected by the pressure. It can adapt to the wider pressure range and the requirement of the refrigerating capacity.
    4. ATO piston belt driven air compressor has strong maintainability.
    5. The belt driven air compressor from ATO has low requirements for material and mostly adopts ordinary steel materials, which is easy to process and the cost is low.
    6. The device system of the piston small air compressor is simple.
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