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    3 hp Sanitary Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump

    Reliable 3 hp horizontal centrifugal pump features 2.2kW high power, 380V voltage, 18m rated lift, high temperature and corrosion resistance. This sanitary SS centrifugal pump is designed for applications requiring a high level of hygiene and prevention of contamination during fluid transfer.
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    Buy a 3 hp (2.2kW) horizontal centrifugal pump directly from centrifugal pump manufacturer. It is equipped with 304 stainless steel, sanitary grade, 380V working voltage, 18m high rated lift, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, suitable for transporting various edible liquids, acids and alkalis liquids.


    • Model: 50SF15-18-2.2
    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    • Rated Flow: 15m3/h
    • Rated Lift: 18m
    • Power: 2.2kW (3 hp)
    • Caliber: 50-40mm
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Rotation Speed: 2860r/min
    • Outlet Pressure: -3Mpa
    • Weight: 32kg


    • 3 hp (2.2kW) stainless steel centrifugal pump can pump a variety of particle-containing, viscous, and lightly corrosive liquids.
    • Its high speed and strong suction can improve work efficiency. Made of 304 stainless steel, uncoated, high temperature and corrosion resistant.
    • Sanitary horizontal centrifugal pump has a thickened pump head, high-precision bearings and high-quality oil seals, making it stronger and more durable.


    Sanitary centrifugal pump details


    Sanitary centrifugal pump applications

    Tips: Why use stainless steel for the pump?

    Stainless steel is a preferred material for pump construction due to its exceptional combination of properties that make it well-suited for a variety of industrial applications. The primary reason for using stainless steel in pump construction is its outstanding corrosion resistance. This resistance to corrosion is crucial in environments where the pump comes into contact with liquids that may be corrosive, acidic, or otherwise chemically aggressive. Stainless steel's resistance to rust and corrosion ensures the durability and longevity of the pump, even in challenging operating conditions.

    Moreover, stainless steel offers high tensile strength and mechanical stability, contributing to the overall robustness of the pump. Its strength is particularly important in applications where the pump is subjected to high pressure or mechanical stress.

    In addition to its mechanical properties, stainless steel is valued for its hygienic qualities, making it a common choice for pumps used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. The material is easy to clean, non-reactive, and resistant to bacterial growth, meeting stringent hygiene standards in applications where product purity is essential. Overall, the use of stainless steel in pump construction ensures reliability, longevity, and compliance with industry-specific requirements.

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