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    3" Stainless Steel Wafer Ball Valve

    Factory price wafer type ball valve features stainless steel (SS) construction and 3 inch (DN80) flanged port, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. Designed with a full port for flow and liquid control in water heaters and water systems. This wafer style ball valve operates seamlessly with a handle, electric or pneumatic actuator, providing versatile control options.
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    3 inch (80mm) wafer type ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve with a full port design that indicates the bore of the ball is larger, minimizing flow restrictions and maximizing flow capacity.


    • Model: ATO-Q41F-(16-64)C-DN80
    • Type: Wafer Type Flanged Ball Valve
    • Port Size: 3 inch (DN80)
    • Body Material: Stainless Steel
    • Ball Material: Stainless Steel
    • Stem Material: Stainless Steel
    • Sealing Material: PTFE
    • Gland Packing: PTFE
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6Mpa
    • Strength Testing Pressure: 2.4Mpa
    • Seat Testing Pressure: 0.6Mpa
    • Applicable Media: Water, Oil, Gas
    • Applicable Temperature: -29℃~150℃

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Stainless steel wafer ball valve dimension

    Size DN L D D1 D2 t C N-φd
    DN80 76 118 195 160 138 3 20 8-M16
    H h W A B R r K
    150 18 300 120 70 5.5 4.5 17

    Tips: How to install a wafer ball valve?

    To install a wafer ball valve, start by ensuring the pipeline is clean and free of debris. Position the valve between flanges, aligning the bolt holes. Place the gaskets on each side of the valve, ensuring a proper seal. Insert bolts through the holes and tighten them evenly to secure the valve in place. Check the alignment to avoid any misalignment issues. Once properly positioned, torque the bolts according to the manufacturer's specifications. Verify that the valve operates smoothly and check for any leaks. Finally, conduct a pressure test to ensure the valve's integrity.

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