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    4" Electric Diaphragm pump, 61.5GPM, 3kW

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    Heavy duty 4 inch electric operated diaphragm pump at factory price, driven by 380V, 3kW motor for pumping high viscosity fluids and slurry, gear ratio 1:17, max. flow 61.5 GPM, selectable NPT and flanged connection type.
    SKU: ATO-EODD-100
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    Industrial 4 inch EODD pump powered by an electric motor for delivering high viscosity fluids, slurry, Acid alkaline liquid, toxic liquid and so on, with max. flow 14 GPM, working temperature up to 100℃, high performance and high efficiency.


    Model ATO-DBY3-100
    Max. Flow 61.5 GPM (14 m3/h)
    Fluid Inlet Size 4 inch (DN100)
    Fluid Outlet Size 4 inch (DN100)
    Connection Type (Optional) NPT, BSPT, ANSI Flanged, DIN Flanged
    Suction Lift 15 ft. (4.5m)
    Head 100 ft. (30m)
    Outlet Pressure 3 kgf/cm2
    Motor Speed 1450 rpm
    Motor Voltage 3-Phase 380V
    Motor Power 3kW
    Reducer Speed Ratio 1:17
    Working Temperature Polypropylene: 70℃
    Aluminum Aloy: 90℃
    Stainless Steel: 100℃
    Cast Iron: 90℃
    Body Material (Optional) Polypropylene, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron
    Diaphragm Material Butyronitrile (Default)/ Teflon (Customizable)
    Weight 210kg, 210kg, 225kg, 250kg

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump with Motor

    Model A B C F L H H1 H2 H3 M Thread Type (NPT, BSPT) Flange Type (ANSI, DIN)
    D D1 D2 D3
    ATO-DBY3-100 470 330 215 16 930 755 112 580 63 600 4 210 170 4 - φ16 18

    Flow Diagram

    Flow Diagram of Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump with Motor


    Details of Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pump with Motor

    1 motor 8 Grease Nipple 14 Piston Shaft
    2 Reducer 9 Footing 15 Inner Press Plate
    3 Wobber 10 Pump Body 16 Diaphragm
    4 Bearing 11 Sealing Ball 17 Outer Press Plate
    5 Outlet Pipe 12 Sealing seat 18 Sealing Gasket
    6 Iternediate 13 Inlet Pipe 19 Press Plate Screw
    7 Cover Plate

    Tips: The functions of electric diaphragm pump components

    • Air valve: The plastic or metal valve shell is fixed on the pump center body by four screws.
    • Piston: The aluminum cylinder is enclosed in an air valve to control the air flow.
    • Cavitation: Due to the reduced or lack of fluid supply at the pump inlet, the pump discharge is lower than the rated volume. In fact, the liquid chamber is not filled with fluid before discharge.
    • Static discharge head: the vertical distance (in meters) from the center line of the pump to the free delivery point.
    • Inlet pressure: The inlet is measured in Bar, including the specific gravity and flow rate of the fluid.
    • Specific gravity: the ratio of fluid weight to water weight at 4 degrees. The specific gravity of 4° water is 1:0, and the static suction lift is the vertical distance from the liquid level to the center line of the pump. The pump should be above the liquid level.
    • Vapor pressure: The pressure of vapor generated by all liquids on its free surface. In any pump operating system, the operating pressure cannot be lower than the vapor pressure, and the formed vapor will be partially or completely cut off into the pump fluid.
    • Viscosity: Due to the internal friction of the fluid, the nature of viscosity makes the fluid flow resistance.
    • Water hammer: The higher inlet forms a static pressure head which acts on the pump to generate internal pressure.
    Existing reviews of 4" Electric Diaphragm pump, 61.5GPM, 3kW
    Arrived fast!
    This electric diaphragm pump arrived fast. The treads on the provided adapters match the pump inlet and outlet perfectly. It works perfect for my application and it is convenient for my use. Great diaphragm pump!
    From: Gonzalez | Date: 17/05/2022
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    I like it!
    I really like ATO electric diaphragm pump with 4 inch fluid inlet and outlet size. It is a more powerful pump with more flow and pressure than my old one. It is quiet. Easy installation. I have been using it for a few days, so far so good. I will recommend it to my friends.
    From: Eugene | Date: 27/04/2022
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