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    400W 300KV 3-6S Outrunner Brushless DC Motor, IP28

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    Cheap waterproof brushless DC motor for sale. Maximum power 410W, rotation speed 300KV, input voltage 3-6S (DC 11-22V), waterproof grade IP28, shaft diameter 4.85mm, propeller mounting distance 25mm. Outrunner BLDC motor for direct drive propeller/Efoil electric surfboard, matching controller kit is optional.
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    300KV outrunner brushless DC motor with low price, IP28 waterproof. Max power 410W, input voltage 11-22VDC (by 3-6S batteries). Waterproof BLDC motor for underwater working, such as electric surfboard, propeller, robot model, etc. Matching ESC driver to control speed better.


    Model ATO-F4125
    Max Power 410W (0.5 hp)
    Rotation Speed KV (RPM/V) 300KV
    Max Input Voltage* DC 11-22V
    Waterproof Grade IP28
    Motor Length 50mm
    Motor Diameter 46mm
    Shaft Diameter 4.85mm
    Mounting Distance 28mm
    Prop Mounting Distance 25mm
    Weight 310g

    *Note: The motor is powered by 3-6S batteries, S is the number of batteries, voltage of every battery is 3.7V DC.

    Waterproof Brushless DC Motor Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 400W 300KV 3-6S Waterproof Brushless DC Motor, IP28

    ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Selection for Waterproof BLDC Motor

    • The speed of BLDC motor does not exceed the speed of ESC, it can be matched and used.
    • Brushless DC motor speed calculation formula: battery voltage * motor KV value.
      Brushless DC motor stator speed calculation formula: motor KV value * battery voltage * motor pole pairs.
    • The limit speed of V4 series ESC is 60000 ERPM.
      The limit speed of V6 series ESC is 15000 OERPM.
    • If the maximum speed of BLDC motor exceeds the speed of electric speed controller, the ESC can also be matched by reducing the working voltage of motor. But we do not recommend this, because it does not really play the role of brushless DC motor.

    ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Specification

    Model Current Value Number of Batteries (Input Voltage)
    FSESC 4.12 Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    FSESC 4.20 Continuous 50A, peak 240A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC 6.6 mini dual drive 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC6.6 integrated switch dual drive version 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    FSESC6.7 VESC6.6 single drive integration* Continuous 70A, peak 200A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC4 dual drive integration 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 100A 2-channel, peak 300A 2-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    ODESC3.6 single drive/dual drive 50A continuous 1-channel, peak 120A 1-channel 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    VESC6 dual drive 1-channel 100A continuous, 2-channel 200A continuous
    1-channel peak 400A, 2-channel total peak 800A
    3S-12S (8V-60V)
    Single drive V6 75200 Continuous 200A 3S-12S (8V-60V)
    Single drive VESC6 waterproof version Continuous 60A, peak 150A 3S-12S (8V-60V)

    *Note: The ESC model with * is the recommended controller for this page of motor, if you need other ESC models, please contact us.

    Tips: Daily maintenance for waterproof brushless DC motor.

    1. The use environment of waterproof brushless DC motor should be kept dry. Electric motor surface should be kept clean, and the air inlet should not be obstructed by dust, fibers, etc.
    2. When the thermal protection of waterproof BLDC motor continues to operate, it should be ascertained whether the fault comes from the motor or the overload or the setting value of protection device is too low. After the fault is eliminated, it can be put into operation.
    3. Ensure that the waterproof brushless DC motor is well lubricated during operation. Generally speaking, when the motor runs for about 5000 hours, grease should be added or replaced. If the bearing is overheated or ubrication is deteriorated during the operation of waterproof BLDC motor, change the grease in time. When replacing the grease, clean up the old lubricating oil, and clean oil grooves of the bearing and the bearing cap with gasoline, and then fill 1/2 of the cavity between the inner and outer rings of the bearing with ZL-3 lithium-based grease (for 2-pole motors) and 2/3 (4, 6, 8 pole motors).
    Existing reviews of 400W 300KV 3-6S Outrunner Brushless DC Motor, IP28
    Communication of 400W waterproof brushless DC motor
    Can your BLDC motor controller be proivded with with CAN communication and hall effects sensor?
    From: Stan | Date: 04/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, and our BLDC controller can be with CAN communication for DC input voltage of 24- 72VDC only.
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