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    40x40 mm Strain Wave Harmonic Drive Gearbox, Ratio 30

    Get a cheap strain wave harmonic drive gearbox online.30 reduction ratios for selection. High torque and precision harmonic reducer with a 40x40 mm diameter is the best solution for industrial robots.
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    Cost-effective 40x40 mm harmonic drive gearbox is the perfect solution for your high-precision motion control applications. It is a strain wave gear that provides harmonic gear reduction and increases rotation speed. Buy a high-quality strain wave gearbox with a 30-gear ratio for robotics and aerospace.


    • It is a strain wave harmonic drive gearbox with high rigidity, no gear backlash and coaxial input and output.
    • The gearbox features excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy.
    • Harmonic reducer with a high torque capacity and a high gear ratio is available.
    • 40x40 mm strain wave gearbox is designed for robots.


    • Model: ATO-CSF-11-XX-1U-C
    • Output/Input: Motor direct connection input, Shaft output
    • Diameter: 40x40 mm
    • Thickness: 58 mm
    • Gear type: Cylindrical gear reducer
    • Installation form: Horizontal
    • Tooth Surface Hardness: Hard Tooth Surface
    • Layout Form: Coaxial
    • Gear ratio: 30, other gear ratios please contact us.


    Gear ratio 30 50 80 100
    Rated torque when input 2000r/min (N.m) 2.1


    4.5 5
    Allowable peak torque at start and stop (N.m) 4.1 8.3 10.2 11
    Maximum allowable average load torque (N.m) 3.1 5.5 8.5 8.9
    Momentary allowable maximum torque (N.m) 8.2 17 22 25
    Allowable maximum input speed (r/min) 8500
    Allowable average input speed (r/min) 3500
    Moment of inertia (1/4GD) (kgcm2) 1.4x10-2
    Arc seconds ≤20 ≤10

    Dimensions (unit: mm)

    40x40mm harmonic drive dimensions

    Harmonic Drive Gearbox Applications

    ATO harmonic drive gearboxes can be used to optimize the shape of robots, increase precision, increase strength, improve flexibility, etc., and are widely used in industrial robots, numerical control equipment, medical instruments, military and other fields.

    Harmonic drive applications

    Tips: How to choose the matching motor for the harmonic drive gearbox?

    • The use of a harmonic drive gearbox is to increase the torque. The calculation of torque is very important for service life. It is necessary to pay attention to the torque value during acceleration, that is, whether the peak torque of the motor exceeds its load torque.
    • Select the number of stages of the motor when the peak torque of the motor is known. The harmonic drive gearbox is composed of three basic components: a wave generator, a flexible spline and a rigid spline. The wave generator uses a flexible spline to produce controllable elastic deformation and meshes with the rigid spline to transmit motion and power. . When choosing a matching motor, you need to consider the speed ratio.
    • When the speed ratio is determined, it is necessary to consider the service factor and safety factor of the motor. The reference value of the service factor is different in each industry field, and it needs to be calculated according to its own industry field.

    When selecting a matching motor for a harmonic drive gearbox, a series of parameters such as torque, speed ratio, motor stages, shaft power and service factor can be used to select a suitable matching motor.

    Installation Manual

    PDFATO Harmonic Drive Gearbox Installation Manual

    Precautions for installation

    1. When the harmonic drive gearbox is in use, if the output end is horizontally downward, the lubricating grease injected into the inner wall space of the flexspline must exceed the meshing tooth surface.
    2. The installation plane of the rigid wheel and the rigid wheel connection and the installation plane of the flexible wheel and the flexible wheel need to be statically sealed to ensure that the grease will not leak during the use of the harmonic drive gearbox and avoid the reducer from working with little or no oil Time damage.
    3. During the installation process, please do not knock the parts of the harmonic drive gearbox with hard objects, or apply strong pressure to avoid damage to the parts.
    4. If you have any questions during the inspection, please contact ATO.

    Tips for using a harmonic drive gearbox

    • Please use it in the specified environment.
      Observe the following conditions when using a harmonic drive gearbox:
      Ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius, no splashes of water, oil, etc.; no corrosive, explosive gas; no dust such as metal powder,
    • Please use the prescribed method for installation.
      Please implement the installation method correctly according to the harmonic drive gearbox manual. If it is not installed correctly, it may cause vibration, loss of accuracy, shortened service life, damage and other failures.
    • Please use the specified lubricant.
      Failure to use the specified lubricant may result in reduced harmonic drive gearbox life.
      Please do not disassemble or reassemble the product, otherwise, it will not be able to restore its original performance.
      Do not exceed the allowable torque during use, otherwise, it may cause harmonic drive gearbox failure.
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