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    70 mm Strain Wave Harmonic Drive Gearbox, Ratio 30~100

    Buy a cheap strain wave harmonic drive gearbox online. 30/50/80/100 reduction ratios for selection. High torque and precision harmonic gearing with 70mm diameter, is the best solution for industrial robots.
    SKU: ATO-HD-70
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    Cost-effective 40mm harmonic drive is the perfect solution for your high-precision motion control applications. It is a strain wave gear that provides harmonic gear reduction and increases rotation speed. Get a high-quality harmonic gearing with a 30~80 gear ratio for robotics and aerospace.


    • The lightweight strain wave harmonic drive gearbox has an ultra-thin hollow, compact and simple structure.
    • Excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy.
    • Harmonic gearing with a high torque capacity and a high gear ratio is available.


    Model: ATO-SHD-14
    Diameter: 70 mm
    Thickness: 17.5 mm
    Gear type: Cylindrical gear reducer
    Installation form: Horizontal
    Input speed: 3500 rpm
    Rated power: 0.1 kW
    Output speed: 0~500 rpm
    Available torque: 1~100 N.m
    Number of stages: Three-stage
    Gear ratio: 30, 50, 80, 100, other gear ratios please contact us.


    Gear ratio 30 50 80 100
    Rated torque when input 2000r/min (N.m) 3.00 4.50 6.00 7.40
    Allowable peak torque at start and stop (N.m) 8.7 13.00 15.00 19.00
    Maximum allowable average load torque (N.m) 6.20 6.80 9.50 1080
    Momentary allowable maximum torque (N.m) 15.00 25.00 38.00 40.00
    Allowable maximum input speed (r/min) 8500
    Allowable average input speed (r/min) 3500
    Moment of inertia (1/4GD2) (kgcm2) 3.4x10-4
    Arc seconds ≤20 ≤10
    Design life (hour) 10000

    70mm strain wave harmonic drive gearbox dimensions (unit: mm)

    70 mm strain wave harmonic drive gearbox dimensions

     Strain wave harmonic drive gearbox applications

    Harmonic drive applications

    Tips for using strain wave harmonic drive gearbox

    • When the harmonic reducer is in use if the output end is aimed horizontally downwards, the grease injected into the inner wall space of the flexspline must exceed the meshing tooth surface.
    • The installation plane of the rigid wheel and the rigid wheel connection and the installation plane of the flexible wheel and the flexible wheel need to be statically sealed to ensure that the grease will not leak during the use of the reducer and avoid the reducer from working with little or no oil Time damage.
    • During the installation process of harmonic drive, please do not knock the parts of the reducer with hard objects, or apply strong pressure to avoid damage to the parts.
    • If you have any questions during the inspection, please contact us.
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