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    80 mm Strain Wave Harmonic Drive Gearbox, Ratio 50~100

    80mm strain wave harmonic drive gearbox with a high torque capacity and rigidity is available. Mini harmonic drive has 50/100 gear ratios, can provide harmonic gear reduction and increase rotation speed. Strain wave gear is the simplest solution for your high-precision motion control applications.
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    Get a high torque 80mm harmonic drive at low cost. A harmonic drive gearbox provides high transmission accuracy and supports a single-stage high reduction ratio with low inertia. Strain wave gear has 30/50/80/100 reduction ratios, commonly used for industrial robots, CNC equipment, medical instruments, and military industry.


    • The lightweight strain wave harmonic drive gearbox has an ultra-thin hollow, compact and simple structure.
    • Excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy.
    • Harmonic gearing with a high torque capacity and a high gear ratio is available.


    Model: ATO-SHD-17
    Diameter: 80 mm
    Thickness: 18.5 mm
    Gear type: Cylindrical gear reducer
    Installation form: Horizontal
    Input speed: 3500 rpm
    Rated power: 0.1 kW
    Output speed: 0~500 rpm
    Available torque: 1~100 N.m
    Number of stages: Customized
    Gear ratio: 50, 100, other gear ratios please contact us.


    Gear ratio 50 100
    Rated torque when input 2000r/min (N.m) 11.00 16.00
    Allowable peak torque at start and stop (N.m) 23.00 37.00
    Maximum allowable average load torque (N.m) 18.00 27.00
    Momentary allowable maximum torque (N.m) 48.00 71.00
    Allowable maximum input speed (r/min) 7000
    Allowable average input speed (r/min) 3500
    Arc seconds ≤20 ≤10
    Design life (hour) 10000

    80mm strain wave harmonic drive gearbox dimensions (unit: mm)

    80 mm strain wave harmonic drive gearbox dimensions

     Strain wave harmonic drive gearbox applications

    Harmonic drive applications

    Tips: Strain wave harmonic drive gearbox applications

    Strain wave harmonic drive gearboxes are used in aviation, aerospace, energy, navigation, shipbuilding, bionic machinery, commonly used ordnance, machine tools, instruments, electronic equipment, mining and metallurgy, transportation, lifting machinery, petrochemical machinery, textile machinery, agricultural machinery and medical treatment Equipment and other aspects have been increasingly widely used, especially in the servo system with high dynamic performance, the use of harmonic gear transmission shows its superiority. It transmits power from tens of watts to tens of kilowatts, but high-power harmonic gear drives are mostly used for short-term work.

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