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    5/8" (4-16mm) Cordless Rebar Cutter, 140W

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    Cordless rebar cutter for sale online. Cutting range Ф4-Ф16mm (5/8-inch), lithium battery voltage 18V, no load power 140W and cutting speed 4.0s~5.0s, rechargeable electric rebar cutter is ideal for cutting steel bar, round bar, carbon steel, square steel and iron rod.
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    Get a cordless rebar cutter at low price. It is a portable hydraulic rebar-cutting machine powered by an 18V lithium battery, equipped with Ф4-Ф16mm (5/8-inch), lithium battery voltage 18V, no load power 140W and cutting speed 4.0s~5.


    • 4 - 16mm cordless rebar cutter is driven by a powerful high-capacity 18V lithium battery. Open-ended cutter head design, easy to use, can quickly replace the blade. After the rebar is cut, the machine automatically resets, high efficiency.
    • This electric rebar cutter is widely used in steel mills, coal mines, railways, oil fields, bridges, highways, housing construction and other industries that require rapid cutting of steel bars.
    • Cordless electric rebar cutter has a faster cutting speed than a grinding wheel cutter machine. No iron debris and sparks will be generated during cutting, safe and environmentally friendly.


    • Model: ATO-RC16B
    • Rated Voltage: 18V
    • No-Load Power: 140W
    • Cutting Speed: 4.0s~5.0s
    • Cutting Range: Ф4-Ф16mm (5/8")
    • Weight: 10.5kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    5/8" cordless rebar cutter dimension

    Structure Diagram

    1" electric rebar cutter structure diagram


    The provided cordless electric rebar cutter can quickly and efficiently cut steel bars, steel pipes, house anti-theft windows, etc., widely used in fire disaster relief, emergency rescue, high-altitude operations, earthquake disaster relief, etc.

    Applicable materials for electric rebar cutter

    *Note: Electric rebar cutter is forbidden to cut anchor chains, high-hardness round steel, alloys with unknown composition, flat iron, stainless steel, and various U-shaped locks.

    Tips: 3 Types of Rebar Cutters

    • Manual Rebar Cutter: It is a hand-held tool, which can cut steel bar with a maximum diameter of 19mm. The disadvantage is that the cutting accuracy is relatively low, which may cause a huge loss of material. There will be sparks or flames when cutting.
    • Electric Rebar Cutter: Portable electric rebar cutter has a built-in hydraulic system, high cutting efficiency, accuracy and safety. Generally, the range of steel bar diameter that the electric rebar cutting machine can cut is 5/8 inch~7/8 inch, and the maximum can reach 1 inch (25mm). There is no spark or flame in cutting. A good electric rebar cutter should include an industrial-strength cutting head and a 110-220V or 220-240V motor.
    • Cordless Rebar Cutter: Cordless electric rebar cutter is a cutting machine powered by a rechargeable battery. It is used where AC power cannot be used. A cordless electric rebar cutter is portable and easy to use.
    Existing reviews of 5/8" (4-16mm) Cordless Rebar Cutter, 140W
    Works Well
    I was happy with the speed the cutter cut. Very easy to use and cuts cleanly. Definitely worth the money.
    From: Ethan | Date: 29/10/2023
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