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    7/8" (4-22mm) Electric Rebar Cutter, 950W/1250W

    Low price electric rebar cutter for sale. It is a hydraulic rebar cutter that can quickly and efficiently cut steel bars, steel pipes and house anti-theft windows. Ф4-Ф22mm (7/8-inch) cutting range, 220V/110V voltage, 950W/1250W no-load power, and 3.5s~4.5s cutting speed are provided.
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    4 - 22mm hydraulic rebar cutter can cut rebar, steel bar, round bar, steel rod, iron rod, and screw quickly. Portable 7/8" electric rebar cutter is driven by a hydraulic system and motor. No sparks and dust,  cutting speed 3.5s~4.5s.


    • Hydraulic electric rebar cutter has a high-quality steel metal cutter head, is hardened at high temperatures, durable.
    • 7/8" rebar cutting machine has a ring-type nut distribution design that makes the cutter head firmer, better sealing, stable and safe operation.


    • Model: ATO-RC22
    • Rated Voltage: 220V/110V
    • No-Load Power: 900W, 1250W
    • Cutting Speed: 3.5s~4.5s
    • Cutting Range: Ф4-Ф22mm (7/8")
    • Machine Size: 415x115x220mm
    • Packing: Iron Box
    • Weight: 19.5kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    7/8" electric rebar cutter dimension

    Structure Diagram

    Electric rebar cutter structure diagram

    Rebar Cutter Effect Diagram

    Electric rebar cutter effect diagram

    *Note: Electric rebar cutter is forbidden to cut anchor chains, high-hardness round steel, alloys with unknown composition, flat iron, stainless steel, and various U-shaped locks.

    Electric rebar cutter applications

    Tips: How to use an electric rebar cutter?

    1. According to the diameter of the steel bar to be cut, adjust the adjustment stopper of the electric rebar cutter, and make the steel bar forms a right angle to the cutting block.
    2. Clamp the steel bar and activate the switch.
    3. As the piston advances, the steel bar will be cut. Activate the switch to move the piston to the top end. If the piston does not reach the top, it will not return.
    4. After the piston of the electric rebar cutter reaches the top end, turn off the switch and return the piston.
    5. If the electric rebar cutter does not move even the piston completely returns to its original position, it is because the valve is open and the next hydraulic pressure has not arrived.
    6. When cutting, if rebar cutter piston does not return, please push it back with steel bars. At this time, please pay special attention not to damaging the piston. In addition, when piston does not completely return to its original position, even if the switch is turned on, the vitality cannot come out. Therefore, after piston is completely returned to its original position, then perform the next cutting.
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