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    5" Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

    With a pressure rating of PN1.0 and a median line structure, 5 inch explosion proof stainless steel butterfly valve provides versatile control for water, liquids, gas, oil, powder, steam, and acid-base corrosive mediums. The PDEM seat material withstands temperatures from -10℃ to 120℃, enhancing resilience. Available in single-phase AC220V or three-phase AC380V.
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    Available in both single-phase AC220V and three-phase AC380V configurations, with a DN125 size and a wafer connection type, 5" stainless steel butterfly valve, explosion proof butterfly valve is well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications.


    • Manual and automatic integration: Electric and manual can control the valve switch. Respond to power outages by manually controlling the switch.
    • New electric head: Accurate control of media flow with precise scales, smaller size and easier wiring.
    • Stainless steel body: high-quality leak-proof seal.


    Actuator Technical Parameters

    Input & Output Signal  DC 4-20mA, DC 0-10V, DC 1-5V (Optional)
    Optional Voltage Single phase AC220V 50/60 Hz or three phases AC380V 50/60 Hz

    2 inch Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve, Explosion Proof Parameters

    Size DN125
    Body Material Stainless Steel (CF8, CF8M)
    Connection Type Wafer
    Pressure Rating PN1.0
    Structure Type Median Line
    Seat Material PDEM: -10℃ ~120℃
    Disc Material Stainless Steel (CF8, CF8M)
    Stem Material Stainless Steel (CF8, CF8M)
    Power Supply Single Phase AC220V, 50/60 Hz or Three Phases AC380V, 50/60 Hz
    Applicable Medium Water, Liquids, Gas, Oil, Powder, Steam, Acid-base Corrosive Medium.


    2 inch stainless steel butterfly valve, explosion proof

    DN Inch D D1 D2 L H n-φd
    125 5" 123.3 180 210 54 265 4-φ18

    Tips: What applications is this valve commonly used for?

    • Chemical Processing: The valve is often used in chemical processing plants where the control of corrosive fluids is crucial. The stainless steel construction provides resistance to corrosion, and the explosion-proof feature ensures safety in potentially hazardous environments.
    • Oil and Gas Industry: In the oil and gas sector, the valve can be employed for controlling the flow of oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons. The explosion-proof design makes it suitable for use in areas where flammable gases may be present.
    • Petrochemical Plants: Petrochemical facilities utilize these valves to regulate the flow of various chemical substances. The explosion-proof nature of the valve is vital in environments where there is a potential for the presence of combustible materials.
    • Water Treatment Plants: The valve is used in water treatment processes to control the flow of water and other liquids. The stainless steel construction makes it resistant to corrosion, ensuring durability in water treatment applications.
    • Power Generation: Power plants, including both conventional and nuclear facilities, use butterfly valves for controlling the flow of fluids in different stages of the power generation process. The explosion-proof feature is valuable in maintaining safety standards.
    • Food and Beverage Industry: In food and beverage processing, where hygiene is critical, the stainless steel construction of the valve is advantageous. It can be used for controlling the flow of liquids and gases in various stages of production.
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical plants utilize these valves in processes where precise control of fluid flow is required. The stainless steel material is suitable for pharmaceutical applications, and the explosion-proof design ensures safety.
    • HVAC Systems: Butterfly valves are commonly used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for controlling the flow of air and water. The stainless steel construction provides durability in HVAC applications.
    • Mining Industry: In mining operations, the valve can be used for controlling the flow of various substances, including slurry and other mining-related fluids. The robust construction of the valve makes it suitable for harsh mining environments.
    • Wastewater Treatment: Wastewater treatment plants use these valves to regulate the flow of sewage and other liquids. The stainless steel material ensures resistance to corrosion in the presence of wastewater.
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