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    12kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker, 50Hz, 630A

    ATO indoor solid-encapsulated HV vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is an indoor three-phase AC high-voltage switchgear of 50Hz and rated voltage 7. 2-12kV. The rated current has 630kA and 1250kA for you to choose.
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    ATO vacuum circuit breaker rated lighting impulse withstand voltage is 75kV, rated (1 min) line frequency withstand voltage (effective value) is 42kV. 30 open circuit times of rated short circuit dropout current and 10000 mechanical life.


    1. Ultra-low-resistance type vacuum interruption meets the requirements of temperature rise of large current type, and lowers the energy loss.
    2. Owning to the modular spring operating mechanism, it presents the simple structure and stable performance.
    3. Miniature design, the phase-to-phase distance is shorten by 30-60mm.


    Model ATO VS1-12
    Rated voltage 12kV
    Rated frequency 50Hz
    Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage (peak) 75kV
    Rated (1 min) line frequency withstand voltage (effective value) 42kV
    Rated operating sequence O-0.3s- CO-180s-CO
    Rated current 630A 1250kA
    Rated short circuit dropout current 20kA 25kA 25kA 31.5kA
    Rated shot circuit close current (peak) 50s 63s 63s 80s
    Open circuit times of rated short circuit dropout current 30
    Mechanical life 10000 

     Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    VS1 12

    Tips: What are the reasons for choosing ATO vacuum circuit breaker?

    • ATO 12kV vacuum circuit creaker has the reliable interlocking function. Designed into fore and rear separate structure, it is used as the unit for fixed installation, in addition, it can be assembled with the chassis, as the individual handcart.
    • Employing the mature APG technique and advanced epoxy-resin solid encapsulation technology, the vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber, main conductive circuit, insulating support, etc. are combined organically to form a integrated solid-encapsulated pole, the surface of vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber is not affected with the environment, so as to really realize the maintenance free.
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