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    7.5 hp 3 Phase Magnetic Motor Starter

    2 or 3 phase magnetic motor starter features 5.5kW power, 220V or 380V voltage, 12A rated current, 25A frame current, 50/60Hz. Factory price 7.5 hp magnetic starter switch provides a convenient and reliable way to start and stop a motor and protects the motor from overloads, short circuits and other electrical faults.
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    The provided 7.5 hp (5.5kW) magnetic starter is a motor protector that provides overload protection, overheating protection and phase loss protection. 2 phase (220V) and 3 phase (380V) output and input, 12A rated current, 25A frame current, 50 /60Hz, low price, direct manufacturer sale.


    • Model: ATO-QCX5
    • Power: 7.5 hp (5.5kW)
    • Applicable Voltage: 220V (2 Phase) or 380V (3 Phase)
    • Rated Current: 12A
    • Frame Current: 25A
    • Breaking Capacity: 15kA
    • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Ambient Temperature: -5°C~+40°C
    • Installation Method: Screw Installation
    • Installation Category: II
    • Dimension: 175x105x120mm


    • 7.5 hp magnetic starter provides overload protection and phase failure protection to ensure that the motor can be powered off promptly under abnormal operating conditions to prevent damage and extend the life of the equipment. Equipped with overheating protection to effectively prevent the motor from overheating, which may cause equipment damage or accidents.
    • ATO magnetic motor starter has high elasticity, insulation and air tightness to ensure the safety and stability of circuit operation. It is equipped with a flame-retardant and waterproof shell material to ensure the stable operation of the device for a long time.
    • 2/3 phase magnetic starter is easy to install, has a self-reset button operation, and is simple and convenient to operate. Green start and red stop self-reset buttons are used to intuitively display the device status.


    Magnetic starter wiring


    Magnetic starter applications

    Tips: What is a 3 phase magnetic starter?

    3-phase magnetic starter is an electrical device used to control the power supply to electric motors in industrial and commercial applications. It is an essential component in motor control systems, providing a safe and efficient way to start and stop motors while offering protection against overloads.

    The starter consists of a contactor, which is an electromagnetically operated switch, and an overload relay. The contactor is responsible for opening and closing the electrical circuit to the motor, allowing or preventing the flow of electric current. The overload relay, on the other hand, protects the motor from excessive current by disconnecting power in case of an overload or fault.

    One key feature of a 3-phase magnetic starter is its ability to handle three-phase power, which is commonly used in industrial settings for its efficiency. Three-phase power systems provide a more balanced and consistent power supply compared to single-phase systems.

    The magnetic starter is typically housed in a protective enclosure to prevent accidental contact and ensure operator safety. It is a crucial element in industrial motor control, offering a reliable and durable solution for starting and protecting 3-phase electric motors in various applications, such as pumps, compressors, conveyors, and more.

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