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    7100 Nm Drum Gear Coupling, 4800 rpm

    The 7100 Nm drum gear coupling has a compact design and can be easily installed in a variety of applications, allowing speeds of up to 4800 rpm, making it the perfect solution for transmitting torque between two rotating shafts. ATO drum gear couplings have a high torque capacity and can transmit power efficiently with minimal tooth clearance.
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    The drum gear coupling provides a highly durable and reliable coupling, ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. ATO drum gear couplings are designed to transmit torque and absorb shock loads, making them ideal for use in machinery subjected to high stress and vibration.


    Model ATO-GC-GICL6
    Nominal Torque 7100 Nm
    Allowable Speed 4800 rpm
    Shaft Hole Diameter d1, d2, dz 48, 50, 55, 56 60, 63, 65,70, 71, 75 80, 85, 90
    Shaft Hole Length Y,L 112 142 172
    J1,Z1 84 107 132
    Dimension D 241
    D1 200
    A 160
    C 6 4
    C1 35 20 22
    C2 35 35 43
    Moment of Inertia 0.267 kg*m2
    Grease Dosage 380mL
    Weight 48.2kg


    • 7100 Nm drum gear couplings can transmit high levels of torque due to their large contact area and robust construction.
    • Drum couplings can accommodate both angular and parallel misalignments, which can help reduce wear and tear on the connected equipment.
    • Drum gear couplings require minimal maintenance, thanks to their rugged design and few moving parts.
    • Gear couplings operate with low vibration and noise, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission.
    • These gear couplings operate with low vibration and noise, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Gear coupling dimension 

    Drum gear coupling dimension


    Gear couplings are commonly used in heavy machineries such as steel mills, mining equipment, power generation, and paper mills. Additionally, gear couplings are frequently utilized in marine applications, such as propulsion systems and winches, due to their high torque capacity and ability to handle harsh environments.

    Gear coupling applications.

    Tips: What causes gear coupling failure?

     Gear coupling failure can occur due to various reasons, some of which are:

    • Overloading: When the coupling is subjected to excessive loads beyond its capacity, it can lead to gear coupling failure.
    • Misalignment: If the gears in the coupling are not properly aligned, it can cause excessive wear and tear, resulting in gear failure.
    • Wear and Tear: As the coupling is used over time, the gears can wear down, leading to coupling failure.
    • Improper lubrication: Inadequate lubrication can cause the gears to overheat, leading to gear damage and eventually failure.
    • Corrosion: If the gear coupling is exposed to corrosive environments, it can cause the gears to deteriorate and fail.
    • Fatigue failure: Repeated loading and unloading can cause the gears to develop cracks, leading to gear coupling failure.
    • Manufacturing defects: If the gear coupling has any defects in its design or manufacturing, it can lead to premature failure of the coupling.

    It's important to ensure proper maintenance and inspection of gear couplings to prevent failure and avoid costly downtime.

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