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    6x6x8mm Tact Push Button Switch, 4 Pin

    6x6x8mm is a high quality mechanical switch which has a light touch tactile feel and excellent reliability, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications. ATO 4 pin tact push button switch is used in a variety of devices such as computers, cell phones, game consoles, etc., providing users with a more convenient way to control them.
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    The high quality tact push button switch is made of high quality materials and has a size of 6x6x8mm. A lightweight tactile push button switch has a very fine contact material that allows for fast response without excessive force during contact, thus enhancing the user experience.


    • Model: ATO-TC-P668
    • Size: 6x6x8mm
    • Rated Load: DC12V, 0.6A
    • Insulation Resistance: >100MΩ
    • Service Life: Approx. 100,000 cycles
    • Contact Resistance: 0.03Ω
    • Operating Force: 70-300gf
    • Operation Force: 70-300gf

    Life Test Method: Test the number of times it opens and closes until it is damaged, if not manually, a small motor can be used to drive the eccentric opening and closing switch, using a counter to record the number of times.


    • Tact push button switches are designed to be small and compact, making them ideal for use in electronic devices with limited space.
    • 4 Pin tact switches are typically designed for momentary action, meaning that they are only activated while they are being pressed.
    • Tact switches have a low profile, which means that they sit close to the circuit board and do not take up much vertical space.
    • Tact switches are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with a high cycle life and resistance to mechanical stress.
    • 6x6x8mm Tact switches require only a light touch to activate, making them easy to operate.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Tact push button switch dimension


    Tact switches, also known as tactile switches, have a variety of applications in electronics. The tact switch is mainly used for audio-visual equipment, digital products, remote control, game consoles, home appliances, security products, toys, computer products, printers, machine tools. control devices, money detectors, laser pens, etc.

    Tact switches applications

    Tips: How does a tact switch work?

    A tact switch, also known as a tactile switch or a momentary switch, is an electronic component that is commonly used in devices where a momentary switch function is required. The switch is called "tactile" because it gives feedback to the user when pressed.

    Tact switches consist of two metal contacts that are separated by a small gap. The switch also has a small plunger or button on the top, which is the part that the user presses down on to activate the switch.

    When the plunger is pushed down, it completes the circuit between the two metal contacts, allowing current to flow through the switch. This completes the connection between the input and output of the switch, allowing it to transmit a signal or perform a specific action.

    Once the plunger is released, the switch returns to its original position, breaking the connection between the two metal contacts and stopping the current flow. This makes it a momentary switch because it only operates when the button is being pressed and released.

    Tact switches are commonly used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and game controllers because they are small, inexpensive, and provide a tactile feedback to the user when they are pressed.

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