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    95A Star Delta Starter, 45kW/ 80kW, 220V/ 380V AC

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    Economic price 95 amps starting current star delta starter for sale. This Y delta motor connection starter has short circuit protection, overload protection, missing phase protection and other functions. It consists of 3 contactors and an air delay head for three phase electric asynchronous motor circuit control, contact form 3P, working at 45kW/ 80kW power, 220V or 380V AC voltage.
    SKU: ATO-STAR-95
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    High performance 60Hp/ 107Hp star delta connection starter consists of 3 contactors and an air delay head. Left contactor is connected to main circuit inlet and outlet and the main contactor of the thermal overload relay. The others are forward reverse contactors. Perfect for circuit control of 3 phase induction motor.

    Star Delta Starter Specification

    • Model: ATO-QJX2-95
    • Rated Operational Current (AC-3): 110A
    • Coil Rated Voltage: 220V AC, 380V AC (Optional)
    • Contact Form: 3P
    • Power of Controllable 3-phase Squirrel-cage Motor (AC-3): 220V, 45kW; 380V, 80kW
    • Conventional Heating Current: 110A
    • Rated Insulation Voltage: 690V
    • Electric Life: 600 times/h
    • Mechanical Life: 3600 times/h
    • Matching Fusing Model: RT16-125
    • Average Power Consumption (20℃) @ 50Hz: Pick-up 230VA; Holding 32A
    • Rail Size: 75mm
    • Ambient Temperature: -5℃~+40℃
    • Altitude: ≤2000m
    • Class of Pollution: Class 3
    • Installation Category:
    • Dimension (L*W*H): 143mm*310mm*196mm
    • Weight: 5kg

    Air Delay Head Specification

    • Rated Current: 10A
    • Delay Time: Power Off Time Delay 0.1~30s
    • Dimension (L*W*H): 50mm*45mm*60mm
    • Auxiliary Contact: 1NO+1NC

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    40-95 amp star delta starter wiring dimension

    Wiring Diagram

    Wiring diagram of star delta starter

    Tips: Precautions for installation of star delta starter

    1. The wiring of the star delta starter should be correct. The stator winding of the motor should be connected in delta when it is working normally.
    2. The manually operated star-delta starter should be switched when the motor speed is close to the running speed; the automatically switched starter should adjust the delay device correctly according to the motor load requirements.
    3. The contact pressure of the starter should comply with the provisions of the product technical documents, and the operation should be flexible.
    4. The starter should be installed vertically, and the installation must be firm. The installation location should be convenient for operation and maintenance.
    5. The newly installed oil-immersed star delta starter should be filled with qualified insulating oil. Before filling with oil, the inside of the starter and the oil tank should be cleaned, and the oil tank should be dry and free of moisture. The coil insulation should be good, and the insulation resistance should be measured with a 500v megohmmeter, which should not be less than 0.5M9, and the oil level should not be lower than the calibrated oil level line.
    6. The starter shell must be grounded reliably (connected to zero).
    7. The thermal relay is set correctly according to the controlled motor.
    8. After the installation is completed, a test must be carried out to check whether the loss of voltage tripping is good.
    9. After running with load, check again whether the starter control cabinet has the above sound and vibration, whether there is a burning smell, whether the instrument indication is correct, whether the contacts such as AC contactors, relays and the iron core suction table are in good condition. Use a clamp-type ammeter to test whether the running current is normal. After 24 hours of normal operation, there is no problem before it can be officially put into use.
    Existing reviews of 95A Star Delta Starter, 45kW/ 80kW, 220V/ 380V AC
    Will the coil voltage should be same as 3-phase motor rated voltage?
    Will the coil voltage should be same as 3-phase motor rated voltage?
    From: Liam | Date: 06/09/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The voltage of the coil is preferably the same as the voltage of the motor, so that the power source is consistent.

    If your motor voltage is 230V, and the power supply is also three-phase 230V, we can also customize the coil voltage of the contactor to 230V, which requires an additional cost of 30 USD.
    Some questions about the motor
    30 hp motor at 230v three phase
    Will    SKU: ATO-STAR-95   be okay for this motor?
    Will the coil voltage of 220V be okay?
    If yes, then advise for >>> Where can I see the thermal overload size and complete electrical drawing?
    From: Leila | Date: 05/09/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, this model SKU: ATO-STAR-95 is okay for this 30HP motor. The coil voltage of the contactor can be selected as 220V.
    And the thermal overload is (L*W*H): 143mm*310mm*196mm, please refer to the attached dimension drawing and wiring diagram.
    We only connect the cables of the three contractors, and the external control lines need to be connected by the customer referring to the wiring diagram.
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